Arsenal Reserves & Youths

A new Bendtner?! :denmark: @Cristo

If that’s the case we can write him off right now.

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Never heard of him but looks decent haha I’ll take it!!

He has the same agent as Saka et al.

Is this the kid who scored all those hattricks?


so this guy is likely to become the latest hutchinson. It seems 90% of the time when kids are focused more on money they end up frittering away their career before it has had a chance to blossom.

The pathway to first team football is probably easier at Bayern than it is at Arsenal.

Also, Hutchinson has proven to be right to leave Arsenal. Played in the Premier League for Chelsea, and they sorted out a good loan move. Now his worth is around £20m-£30m

My totally uninformed guess is that he found out what we agreed to pay Nwaneri, wants something similar, and we’re not willing to go there. You can’t give every 16/17-year-old that flashes a deal that is close to first team professional terms.

It will suck to lose him but I’m not sure he is some kind of super talent. His goal scoring record is obviously insane but he looks like a giraffe on the pitch he’s so much bigger than the other kids.