Arsenal Reserves & Youths

So is he skinny or not?

Hale End is so so good man. Club just have to get better at leveraging it.

More stuff like the Willock deal, less stuff like the AMN saga.

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Azeez apparently recalled due to lack of game time…

Very disappointing loan. I hope we found out more about why it wrong for him there. He is only 19 but he is pretty developed from a physical perspective so I doubt that was the issue.

Not the end of the world but doesn’t bode that well for his future.



Needs to work harder, he is very talented and it’s disappointing that he couldn’t get game time or force his way in

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Big fan of the lad. Sucks it didn’t work out for him. Looks like most of our youngsters have found it really hard during their loans. Hopefully it’s just a clash of styles situation.
Considering we’re low on numbers I don’t mind mind him joining the team.


stick him up front in the 1st team…cant do much worse than our ‘strikers’ at the moment

Amario Cozier-Duberry is a fantastic name.


Try not to fuck up Omari Hutchinson please lads?

@Edu @Arteta?

That would be really great if you wouldn’t

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Is that guy a fucking giant or are the other lads midgets?

Flores is pretty short so I think they’re all just midgets.

Disappointing. I’d quite like a giant.

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Been there, done that.

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