Arsenal Pubs in North London


The Gunners pub
The Blackstock

Avoid the Arsenal Tavern ( its a shithole )
and the Drayton Park Tavern is the away pub.

The Gunners, The Woodbine ( both on Blackstock rd )
The Highbury Barn ( follow Blackstock road towards Highbury Corner )
The Famous Cock Inn ( Highbury Corner )
The Tappit Hen ( Holloway Rd )
Alwynne Castle ( St Pauls Rd )
The Rocket

all decent enough pubs.

The Woodbine, Blackstock Rd, is a good pub.
Gas light at Finsbury park is not bad.

The Bailey down Holloway Road
The Herbert Chapman - Holloway Road


The original thread become a bit of a mess, so it’s good we have a nice new fresh thread for this. Good work @Bl1nk :slight_smile:


I add The Twelve Pins. I always went there to watch Arsenal when i lived and worked in London.


Herbert chapman closed, Bailey now a chicken shop


Herbert I think is now called Filthys


That kinda sucks. I would have loved to throw back a couple pints at a pub called The Herbert Chapman :cold_sweat:


I always go to the Famous Cock as my train goes to Highbury station, so you may all want to avoid that one :grin:


Have to agree the Arsenal Tavern was terrible when I tried it. I’ll try some of the pubs suggested in here next time I go.


The white swan - Highbury & Islington
Wig n gown - holloway Rd.

Cannons - Blackstock Rd(oppo gunners)


Wig n Gown closed its doors last night for the last time.
Phibbers which was closed has reopened with a new name… Not bad in there…


I passed by that yesterday and was trying to figure out did it used to be Phibbers.


Much better than it used to be…


Wig n Gown reason for closure.


Phibbers reopened as the Victoria Tavern(it’s original name) went in there Sunday pre Watford, looks tidy, good selection of beers not found in other Arsenal pubs…

Also, unless someone steps in this will be the George’s last season…



New pub opening soon, on the site of the old Herbert Chapman…Will be called The Islington Bar and grill…

They are currently looking for bar staff…