Arsenal Pics & Vids


If you watch the Hitchcock film Frenzy theres one of them up in the pub thats used.
I know its sad but I always look out for it when its on.



I always look for Arsenal related stuff in Tv/films if theres any chance of it being there…Especially actors from London… I just looked up the Frenzy film and came across this(nothing to do with Frenzy)

Heres the frenzy stuff.



what a top weekend this was…


Was gold beating the Mancs in a final we didn’t deserve to win. I felt this made up for 2001 when we lost to Liverpool and we deserved to win.


Bit nippy :eyes:


From this to what we have now, how did it happen? We should have been getting better, great tackle @ 7.39…

What a great trip this was, 2 am pick up in Croydon, Salford by 5ish… top walk to ground and then smash them on the pitch(aswell)
And Silvinho, the best Brazilian we ever had playing for us…


Apart from Gilberto Silva.


he was better in my opinion…didnt fuck up as much as Gilberto did…


Don’t remeber a huge amount of Gilberto fuck ups. He did play three times as many games though so maybe that’s why it feels like there were more.


That goal… Eventful night for me this one, Having conversations with Chelsea fan near the Matthew Harding stand, police keeping an eye on me, I went to bog, police waiting outside and about to eject me when a steward has a fit, falls and cracks his head… Luckily for us both id just completed a first aid course, so quickly flipped him into recovery positon and held him until medics came, Covered in blood the police thanked me and left me alone…


Set complete…


Could of done with that parked bus in Munich.


The old girl…THOF




Funny to think they won two titles there but so have we.



When the radio was the source of your football commentary. It’s called a casstte

My last ever season ticket…

Has this photo been photobombed by Nasser Hussain


Man tha crest is just fucking epic. What a pathetic badge we have now.