Arsenal Kits Thread


In before @Calum :sunglasses:

If that’s accurate I’m definitely buying one from some dodgy Chinese website. :slight_smile:


Looks ace


Uff, that’s beautiful. Pray we have a new manager so I buy that from a dodgy chinese guy on Ebay like Sham and can wear that with pride.


LOVE it.


Dark red looks really good.


Jesus christ that looks good.


Wasn’t this exact kit leaked last time?


Here is the away and third.

Away is poor. Quite like the third.


eh, a bit too much going on in that third kit. Tried to come up with something like that beauty from 11-12 (ah! Diaby at Liverpool in that black and purple with red bordering…the memories! :heart:), but nah, looks like a training shirt.


Home kit is nice, but if the away kit isn’t yellow then I’m not interested!


If the leaked images are indeed true, then the home kit is head and shoulders above the rest. Which is perfectly fine with me. Love the dark red, and that collar :heart_eyes:


That away shirt looks horrendous :laughing:

Home is nice, little tweaks at most year on year, in this case the collar stands out. Can’t see much else different


It looks amazing.


That looks bloody nice


Dat collar :giroud2:


I like the away black.

Hopefully we can have a new manager too, so the changes will be something to look forward to.


Just me who thinks they’re all a bit shit? Home kit is basically fine so shit is too strong a word, but I’m not a fan of the half and half collar on first impressions.

That away kit is a mess. Looks like the designers changed their mind half way through about whether we wanted to look like City or Chelsea


Are AFTV taking credit for the leak?

Way to build a relationship with the club. Classy.


If they have leaked the new kits, there is a good way to be denounced by the club. :joy:


thats an improvement !