Arsenal Kits and Merch

I like the darker red on the home kit and that they haven’t put that annoying darker strip down the middle.
Not sure about the away kit.

The collar…just why? Why ruin a nice collar like that by going half and half? Ugh.

Is that pink I spy on the 3rd? :henry2:

Uhh, do you have a trustable go-to seller I could be referenced to???

asking for a friend…

My understanding is @shamrockgooner is your guy.

Dunno, the last time I bought an Arsenal shirt was like 2013, and back then every 5-6 months the seller I had used before was a different one (guessing they switch it up to avoid getting caught).

Not really. I’ve only ever bought one and the website shut down shortly afterwards.

Just buy the official one you tight bastards :wink:


Who actually buys knockoff football shirts like.

Anyone with some sense should try to really. They are absurdly overpriced.


Smithfield is a good place to go when the shirts come out…

I mean, yeah of course they are but like wait for a sale or some shit. Buying a knock off that was probably made by a kid a sweat shop in asia is just kinda tacky. Especially when you consider it’s fucking sportswear to begin with.

Yep. Always have a look when they come out officially, starting at €75 so fuck that.

Probably the same one the offical ones were made in.


Yeh, though I care more about it coming across as tacky than child labour laws if I’m entirely honest.

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Not sure why being ripped off and paying £50+ is a reflection of taste or quality tbh.

Although I dont really spend a great deal on clothes, which is especially the case with merchandise that most bars (where im from at least) would turn you away for wearing.

I like the idea of an official shirt, but just can’t justify it.

I do agree with you’re argument but it’s just a personal thing really. With something like an Arsenal top, and with having an affinity towards the club, I’d just feel I’m cheating myself a little and would rather wait for it to drop to around 25 quid. I usually buy the top I like after the following season because I genuinely only use them to jog in so it’s a bit of a pedantic standpoint I have.

I’m not into my labels and brands by any means, I just feel that if I can’t afford a rolex I’d rather have a decent more affordable make then a shitty knockoff Ralex, pretending to be something I’m not. Obviously an extreme example but I’m sure you get my point.

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Nah i totally see your way of thinking and agree tbh.

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Black away kit :heart_eyes:


Yet another new 2017/18 kit…
Cant see it being gen though…hope not…

That home shirt looks more like a Man U shirt.


Just found the fella on insta (they all look pony)

RKFOOTYDESIGNS… Its a concept design.
Dont mind this one though… Cutting edge with a bite…