Arsenal Kits and Merch

Yeah, feels like a big dose of “oh grow up” needed here. It’s one effing game per season.

Just because a problem doesn’t directly affect you at the moment, doesn’t mean it won’t one day.

Not sure who you pointing that towards but for the record I did “grow up”…in Thornton Heath.

When a kit is referred to as “vile” and I felt it was an over-reaction as this isn’t a style thing, it’s a campaign to raise awareness.

A look back through our historical kits will show plenty of examples of Arsenal playing in white, we even wore white shirts and black short back in the day. Our back-up 3rd for the 1989-91 seasons was all white with blue trim, though legend has it we wore the shorts from with the home kit it because of a mix-up with a photo shoot.

But it is vile, IMO. Yet another defeat in it too.

If I say I don’t like blue cheese or chopped liver do I have to grow up too, or is that opinion acceptable?!

Just think that there’s a lack of perspective for a worthwhile cause. No doubt there are some fans who don’t give a shit about the cause but get really animated about us wearing a non-traditional kit.

Weird times. Kids getting killed? “yeah whatever”. White kit? “Vile”.

Oh I see… it’s an either or situation. I don’t like a white kit so it has to follow that I don’t care about kids getting killed. Never realised that. Cheers. :pires2:

Quite an old one based on the name and numbers but what a jacket to wear for matchdays

Hideous. How many of our wonderful shirts did he have to butcher to make this monstrosity?!


That’s honestly one of the ugliest things I’ve seen in my entire life.

Reminds me a little of the jacket LL Cool J wore in the early 00s that had a bunch of different logos on it. They might have been NBA logos.

Heads up for anyone that’s interested, I’ve been after one of the Ian Wright reversable Adidas jackets for ages but they seem to be sold out everywhere.

Next has a few left in stock in S and L. Just ordered one :grin: