Arsenal Kits and Merch

Adidas “elite” clubs (that’s us, that is) are getting the original adidas badge on 3rd kits next season. Kind of hoping that they go for an updated version of the 88/91 Yellow/Blue “Anfield” kit.

Though knowing adidas it’ll be powder blue, navy and orange to represent the underground/overground lines that get you to the stadium or something bat-shit crazy like that.

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NYCFC have that color scheme and it’s pretty nice

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Sounds good. I’m in.


I think you’re right. We’ve not had any orange in our kits yet.

No white sleeves next season?
I thought it was weird that Footy Headlines would put out a mock-up like that but then remembered that:

In 24/25 we celebrate 100 seasons in the top flight.
Adidas never miss a marketing trick.
In the first of the 100 seasons our home shirts were all red and our away shirts were navy blue.



I’m happy to lose white sleeves for occasional historic reasons.

Just think how many times it would be mentioned in commentary and how much attention it’ll get from opposition supporters. Fans of other clubs will be sick of hearing “Arsenal in all red tops, celebrating 100 years etc” all season, being reminded of our greatness, as our red sleeves troll them.

So it gets my vote.

We’re also going to probably have a whole season of commentators incorrectly saying we bribed our way back into the top flight.

Hmm little bit of googling suggests we’ve already passed 100 total and the current consecutive run is either 97 or 98.

That looks terrible. Hopefully the panels are a little better.

Maybe I got my counting wrong then. Maybe when we do get to 100 consecutive seasons the adidas template will be a bit more normal. I’m not a fan of this mid-2000s look for the 24/25 template.

It’ll be 100 if you include the season that was abandoned for WWII. [clutches some straws]

Fuck that team GB shit


3 games in, keep clutching. :grin:

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Black, red and green away kit next season. Nice.

I kinda like that, but when are we get back to a proper embroidered badge and not these fucking printed things.


We’re getting very close to Tottenham territory with this one. Shame the black one isn’t getting the old adidas badge, that would have been cool.

You all may already have seen this but Arsenal Direct currently have 50% off some of their lines for Black Friday…including our 2023-24 away shirt!

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Thanks. Now’s the time to snap-up the authentic ones if you can, they tend to hold their value if you get bored of it.

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Gonna need more than 50 percent off to make people buy that :joy: