Arsenal Kits and Merch

I might investigate further, there must have been loads of players pictured in promos for kits they never wore. You can tell the season is all but over, I’ve got free time to waste now.

Taking your lead fella, you know what they say…

If you cant beat them, join them!

Unkept beard…yup, he’s timed out

Not as good as this season’s home top.

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@Calum somewhere: “Fucking lightning bolt again”.


Those socks are a massive L.

I fucking hate those socks. Probs support another team for a year. Disgusting.


those socks will be worn by this guy


It’s a shame, it could have been a 9/10 kit if not for the gold trimming and hollow crest

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The more I see this, the more I like it. Will have a look in the shop at the Emirates on Sunday to see in person. Personally, I like the gold trim.

Ordered mine. Though not keen on the white/gold shorts though the red/gold alternate shorts look brilliant.

Long sleeve top is disappointing, red cuffs would have looked better. They must still sell enough to bother now that the team hasn’t used them for several years.

I liked the red shorts too!

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Yeah, I see those socks in hockey, too. Fucking Dollarama gear.

Too scouse.

I won’t buy another shirt , if I buy anything it’ll be a retro shirt . I can’t be arsed with all this merchandise changing. Our once legendary traditions have made way for a media made club.
Red and white
Yellow and blue
Captains choice of sleeve length.
The discipline has gone , along with the wining mentality that once made this club .

Keep up with the times! Adidas have done some great kits so far. All three kits from last season were outstanding IMO. As for the winning mentality, have you been watching this season and the progress Arteta and the team have made? This is a great young team that are going to go on to achieve great things.

It’s true. Everyone knows discipline can only be achieved by wearing the same sleeve length as one member of the team chosen by the coach. We’ll never win another trophy again.


Who’s your favourite Arsenal captain you’ve seen Ash?

Long sleeve version looks fucking sick.

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