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Love that save




I met Jan Molby at the game.Bumped into him after the game walking back to pub…Talking about the game he always said we when talking about Arsenal…Liam Brady was his hero…Signed my cap. Shame about his dodgy scouse accent though.


My favourite save from any GK.
I still don’t think he is going to reach it even when I keep watching it.

A bit like watching the 1989 season DVD, I still can’t believe we won it.


Just stunning, unbelievable.


10 years later it was something a bit smaller lol.


13 April 2009, Kolo Touré demanded a transfer, claiming he could not get on with William Gallas. Although Mr Hill Wood turned down the request, Toure moved to Man City for £14m on 28 July. It was a profit of £13,850,000 seven years after he was bought.


On this day.
16 April 1912: One of the club’s pivotal days. George Leavey wrote to the Kentish Independent explaining that he could no longer spend the time nor provide adequate support for the club, wished Norris and Hall success in the venture, and resigned.

16 April 1912: Ted Drake was born. He started playing for Winchester City, and then went on to Southampton, playing for them for the first time on 14 November 1931. Herbert Chapman quickly spotted him, but tragically passed on before he was able to sign him.

Happy birthday Freddie
16 April 1977: Freddie Ljungberg born. He made his debut for Halmstads on 23 October 1994 and was signed by Arsenal in 1998 for £3m. It is said that Arsène Wenger had never seen him play when he signed him – but just saw him on TV, although this seems very unlikely.


I thin most people were agreed on Toure being moved on in favour of Gallas at the time, altho emotionally it was a tough call given that Kolo was an Invincible and Gallas was a total prick


A bit apt this one as we are about to play for the last time at the shit hole…

16 April 1910: Tottenham 1 Arsenal 1 in front of 39,000. The first ever Tottenham v Arsenal league match at Tottenham. Despite five games unbeaten Arsenal’s problems continued. This was the 16th consecutive match in which neither side scored more than one goal.


The thing is in 12/13 we played better football than now with Cazorla and Rosicky playing some dazling stuff. This squad desperately needs a technical playmaker


Yeah we actually did play better football which is rather scary.


On this day
18 April 1993: Tony Adams dropped Steve Morrow as Arsenal won the league cup 2-1. This was the first of three games against Sheffield Wed at Wembley and was Cup match 15 of the Cup Double season. The FA Cup was also won 2-1.

18 April 1998: Arsenal 5 Wimbledon 0. Arsenal’s first win against the Dons at Highbury in six attempts. The goals came from Adams, Overmars, Bergkamp, Petit and Wreh in the 33rd league game of the 2nd Double season.

18 April 2007: David Dein was sacked as director of Arsenal. He had preferred an Arsenal move to Wembley instead of building the Emirates, and it is said he continued to speak in favour of this move, even after the board voted against it.

18 April 2015: Reading 1 Arsenal 2, FA Cup semi-final. Arsenal became the most successful team in the FA Cup ever, even before the FA Cup final. Sanchez and Gabriel scored.


Can you fucking imagine what a disaster that would have been. Thank fuck he wasn’t the majority shareholder back then.


Wembley CL games we’re bad enough…


Why would it have been a disaster?


Crap hole to get to for a start… Reason we left woolwich…plus Its a dump…


Well when it was proposed the Wembley redevelopment hadn’t got the go ahead. So we would have had that to deal with for starters. God knows where we would have ended up playing in those years.


@Cristo And what he said…


Fair, I get it. Would have been chaotic.