Arsenal Football Club History


15 years ago… :open_mouth: Probably our 2nd greatest CL away win after Real Madrid

We really should have won the CL that year ffs :disappointed: Porto winning it is like when Leicester won the league. Massive missed opportunity as we’ll probably never win it now.


Nothing is like Leicester winning the league but I see what you’re trying to say. We’re the best side in Europe at the time & bottled that 2nd leg vs Chelsea.



1.26 - that pace from Koscielny.

One of the quickest CBs I’ve seen in my life time. Was a monster before age / injuries started to hamper him.


And most athletic as well.


Great morning before heading off to school that one, from memory Roma went ahead after 4 minutes also. Shame we bottled the rest of the group against Ajax & Deportivo I think it was.


Henry is just our greatest ever player. No one will ever top him. He’s a fucking god


I prefer Bergkamp



Same. Bergy is the guy I rank as our GOAT


I think you’d struggle to find a logical argument for Bergy being greater than Henry but I’d like to hear it none the less


I think you will find that a certain Tony Adams is our greatest ever player…Them two you mentioned weren’t bad though………


I think someone can have a stylistic preference for Bergkamp, and that is perfectly valid and logical in a sense, but I agree with your sentiment.

I know stats aren’t the be all and end all by any stretch… But did Bergkamp ever score more than 24 goals in a league season for us? Did he ever record more than 20 assists in a league season? Henry did both of those in the same season (2002/03). If Henry was just a pure goalscorer, I’d be more inclined to lean towards Bergkamp perhaps, but Henry was a creator too and remarkably unselfish for a player who scored so many goals.

Bergkamp was a god but what Henry did… the numbers he posted, for so many seasons in a row. I just can’t look past him as our greatest ever player.


For Big Ton’ to have won a top flight title in 3 different decades as our captain says it all about the man.

A one club man. Mr Arsenal. Legend


I feel like it’s basically impossible to argue with this. But I really want to because of how much I love Bergkamp.


Let’s just be thankful we were incredibly fortunate to witness two of our greatest strikers playing together at the same time for many years. Some clubs, struggle to get one amazing player, let alone two, who were with us for many seasons. Little wonder the pair both have a statue :slight_smile:


Bergkamp was brilliant to watch an unbelievable player and I loved him, but I just can’t fathom people saying he was better than Henry, I agree that he was a huge factor in making Henry a better player though.


Players like Bergkamp, Totti, Del Piero etc shouldn’t be judged on goal tallies. I’m not sure the first question asked in your second paragraph is ‘fair’ question in that regard. Bergkamp is not even in Arsenal’s top 10 goalscorers of all time.


I thought it was quite clear that the focus was more on the assists, but looking back maybe it wasn’t on reflection! The point being, Bergkamp in his best season not only never matched Henry for goals (which is obvious), but that he never even managed to match him for assists either… Because the point is that Bergkamp is viewed as a creator, but my point was that Henry excelled at that too, so that’s why I can’t look past Henry as being the :goat:

Prefaced the whole thing by saying that stats aren’t the be all and end all, partly because assists aren’t the be all and end all when it comes to creating. But these are the measures we have and with Henry excelling as he did, I personally find it hard to look beyond him.


I don’t want to just base it on goals and assists because that’s too simplistic. Bergkamp brought so much more to the team than just goals.

For me, Bergkamp was simply a genius. Seemed to have eyes in the back of his head. He was so intelligent (one of the most intelligent players to ever grace the PL) and he did things with the ball that I haven’t seen anyone else do – including Henry! And boy, when he did score, some of his goals were just class personified. The ones against Leicester and Newcastle stand out obviously. Also, for Holland – that goal he scored against Argentina at the 98 World Cup, just wow.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. Henry was fantastic too and we’re lucky to have seen both of them at our club at the same time. We’re unlikely to see a partnership like it again.


Which is what it’s all about in these discussions. They’re both fucking incredible, it tends to come down to preference. Well, when stats aren’t on your side it does :yum:

I say that in jest of course, it’s one I’ve grappled with but I’ve eventually come down on the side of Henry.