Arsenal Fan Engagement

Hello everyone!

My name is Gianluca and I am currently studying a Masters in Sports Management. For my final thesis I have chosen to do a studies on fan engagement, and I have chosen Arsenal as one of my pillars as they are one of the biggest clubs in England. I thought what better way to get the best possible information than to ask the fans themselves?

I would be very appreciative if you could fill out my short survey so I could get more insights on how the gunners have been doing such a great job!

Here’s the link to the survey:

Thanks in advance and go gunners!!

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Done. Good luck.

Are you happy with your club’s leadership and the way your club conducts themselves? *


Done :slight_smile:

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Also done!!

GianlucafromItaly :eyes:

Done the survey :+1:

Thanks everyone for the help so far!!

I filled out the questionnaire.
But I’m not sure why you have the impression that the club are doing a great job. :grinning:

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Done. Just want to ad that I think the club is doing a piss poor job towards their supporters.

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