Arsenal announce partnership with Tidal

Big jay, hit us up with some amazing free streaming memberships :arteta:

seems like we are slowly ramping up our partnerships, we are still quite far behind really but it is good to see we are upping our game.

The tides are turning. Seems like a tidy deal.


really wish that they would state what each partnership is worth to them, clubs like manu etc always boast about what they are worth but Arsenal just announce it without any juicy bits, it sucks.

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1m BAH HUMBUG, all that wealth and only 1m per year GTFOH…better than a punch in scroats i guess.


I’m OK with this

But hopefully our next partnership is with Torreira :sunglasses:


The club has been awash with new partnerships lately.


Something has happened with all these new people coming in. Before it seemed we would be lucky to get 1 new partner a year but all of a sudden it almost seems like a new one every couple of months, it is good to see.

Genuinely thought it was a detergent brand.


I thought Tidal were going bankrupt,are we sure they’re the ones paying 1mil a year.

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Does anyone even use Tidal? I don’t know a single person that does.


Oh yeah @wilshambition I wonder what came of that?

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A partnership with the 6th best streaming service?

Makes sense.


Who are Tidal?
I feel a wave of enthusiasm over this partnership.

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God you’ve really turned the savageness up to 11 in the last couple of months.

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Classic Arsenal going for the cheap option. Spotify and Apple Music are bigger and are the ones everyone uses haha


Tidals actually more expensive. :arteta:

So they are not the ones needing sponsorship…since that is meant to expand the brand.

Btw Arsenal has so many sponsors people never heard about.

In fairness I bought my first Huawei phone after Arsenal entered a sponsorship with them. These things work. Sorta. Sometimes.

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