Arsenal and Universal Pictures begin partnership together


Players are gonna be advertising their latest hit movies lol awesome


Expensive, over-hyped pieces of shit promoting expensive, over-hyped pieces of shit.


Time to remake the Arsenal Stadium Mystery. This time, they can base of why an old Frenchman continues to defy logic and keep his job :wenger:


Feature Length

Genre: Horror
Title: The Curse of The Emirates
Directed by: Arsene Wenger


At long as it won’t be as cringe as Rooney and the ManUtd crew doing the same.


So this is where Ivan’s been the last 4 months :giroud3:


Ina world full of trophies…rivals cower, legends are made…in the final minute, of the final game…when it’s all on the line. To become the greatest, to hold something that can not be held, to prove your mental strength…

Brad Pitt as Aaron Ramsey, Elijah wood as Mesut Ozil, Seal as William Gallas…and Chevy Chase as Arsene Wenger…


Coming soon to a cold night in Stoke and theatres everywhere.


Jurassic park got a new lease of life.


Jack Wilshere is… The English Patient


Shaun of the Dead, guest stars: Yaya Sanogo and Jenkinson.


See their making a third editon of “Horrible Bosses”


the most obvious one, The BFG starring Mertesacker


First promotional video


Why is Dara O’Briain trying to steal the Gold PL trophy? :thinking: