Damn, feel weird seeing Arseblog after the stuff I saw yesterday. :nauseated_face:

Jakey Boy’s edit: series of tweets added for the ease of anyone starting fresh with this new thread from the very top

You mean the monkey thing? It’s not what he was being accused of if so.

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Nah, that was just the start. They found a bunch of questionable tweets afterwards.

Share the wealth. Love seeing someone’s past Twitter account destroy them.

A bunch of equally questionable out of context ones?

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Not sure. We’ve all probably said some stupid things in the past. He does sound like a nice chap from his podcast. Hopefully, all of the tweets that FT dug up were taken out of context.

Can you share the other ones?

Cos I saw him address the monkey one, and that was demonstrably a bullshit accusation, that can’t really be debated imo.

So what were the other ones?

BTW, I was pulling your leg yesterday, I don’t read him much any more, but I became aware of the blog at the latest 2008, and read it almost every day for not far off a decade. I’ve seen him write about racism and other similar social issues in a fair few occasions and I’m relatively confident he’s sound on such ground.

I saw a bunch of different ones yesterday. Timeline really blew up at some point, it was one after the other.
Just searched to see if someone compiled them all. Not sure if this thread has them all:


Around 2010-2011 I emailed him leading up to a Spurs match asking if his blog would consider running a piece about why it’s not okay to refer to Spurs supporters as “Yids” even if they do it themselves. It’s a complex topic but one that’s important to me. He wrote back saying his blog was really all about the football. It left kind of a bad taste. Maybe he’s evolved on those social issues since then or maybe he’s more financially secure in his business he feels like he can truly speak out but it was always a little two-faced for me.


This is what he said recently.

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Not sure how I feel about those tweets some are clearly being taken out of context but others seem a little fucking odd to say the least.

Listened to my first arseblog podcast the other day and really found the two bloke massively disingenuous, but that was purely just them talking about the job crisis at Arsenal.


Huh, that’s not the best of looks. Cos I have seen him go far beyond the remits of just talking about football, though that may well have been years after your email, but still. Disappointing.

Few of those tweets did seem potentially a bit off, I’d definitely like to see him respond to a couple of those in the way he did the one about monkeys, if they are also taken out of context. Maybe he has been a bit dodge in the past, but yeah, it would surprise me as when I used to read he basically actively seemed to give the opposite impression.

They all look like jokes taken out of context.

For instance, 100 lashes for Evra, not because he is black but because he behaved like cunt who mouthed off about Arsenal.

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That’s actually one that irks me a bit. Along with the terrorist fist jab one. People will call for correctness on everything these days but I do thing there are some comments there that seem veiled.

Why did the Evra one irk you?

It just feels a little bit of a stretch, doesn’t role off the tongue naturally.

The Evra one is bad because lashing has been commonly used as punishment against slaves. It’s not hard to understand.


Ah dumb of me to not correlate that :sweat_smile:

I’ve looked at the tweets which has saddened me a bit as I’ve read Arseblog and listened to his podcast for several years and he comes across as a decent guy.

Some could be seen as out of context but others in there are a bit disturbing. I haven’t seen if he has responded to all of these yet to provide an explanation.


The way he said it seems really awkward to me, it’s as though he went out of his way to convey something. If he said Evra needs flogged, I would never have thought anything of it as that term is used so freely and commonly, but when you put how he said it with everything else it’s difficult not question whether it was meant harmlessly.

He’s obviously going to protect his brand but with what Josh said and all those other tweets he might - rightly- lose a lot of guys voice in the Arsenal community.

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