Anyone remember my divorce post from the original forum?


OK guys.

Some of you may remember, some may not, but early this year I made a post on the old forum about some marital issues I was having at the time, I asked for some general advice etc

Anyway, the separation did happen, at my wifes request, its been a difficult few months, but its looking like the dust is settling now, Im moving into a new place after some temporary accommodation in the next few days, the kids are starting to adjust to our new lives etc etc and yes it is difficult some days, mainly because of the nastiness that comes out from both of us at times, I suppose the ultimate nail in the coffin for me was when I found out she had been cheating for several months a while back, I knew then that things could never repair themselves.

Time moves on, things change etc

So, fast forward, I get talking to an old school friend, and she has been through similar, we spend many weeks talking etc and both of us are coming from divorces in recent times, so it is complicated etc, but there is definitely something there between us, but, we’ve both been talking and we have decided that despite both having feelings for each other we need to keep things under the radar for the time being and just enjoy each others company etc before making the next step, both need to sort our shit out etc!!

I always knew she was keen on football, but, never realised that she is actually a Gooner, so we have decided to book up for the League Cup against Southampton in a couple of weeks time, really looking forward to it!!!

So in essence, I have come out of a complicated marriage, and looking forward to the future, with new hopes etc and possibly with a lady who is also a huge Arsenal fan!!!

Just goes to show, there is always an upside to every downside in your life!!



Nice. Glad for you James.


Well done, mate. Hope it works out.


This post has made my day. Delighted for you mate. Well done.


Are you both AKBs or WOBs though. Needs addressing mate.


Thanks, fingers crossed for the future, see how it develops :slight_smile: