Anyone familiar with using UML to model a system?

I have to model a system for a Uni class and well to be honest I’m stuck.

Yeah mate I made a bunch of these during Uni. Anything in particular you’re designing for? UML encompasses a lot of diagram types so you’ll need to determine specifics to choose the most suitable ones.

For example, if it’s modelling a backend system you probably need class or sequence diagrams. If it’s user journeys, a use case diagram might be handy.

Issue that I’m being asked to integrate several diagrams to model the system, and I’m having issues at determining things like the use cases.

That’ll be your first step for sure. Vaguely map out who your users are, what steps will their journey through your system involve and how that system invokes the necessary steps to process and respond to that interaction.

Then you can start forming the relational info between all the parts.

Even bullet points breaking down the simple who’s and what’s of front end and back end activity should get you started.

These diagrams just present that stuff in a fancy way for your business case. You can’t make them without determining the actors and the logic.

The specifics beyond the names will become more and more apparent to you as you start linking them all together.

I have no idea how deep you’ll be going with this but if you have to model the whole backend, it could involve making ERD’s and class diagrams. Those aren’t really there to map out user-system interaction. Those are more for database and code modelling.

Came back to it now and having a better time using determining the use cases, the documentation is going to be a pain though.

I’m being asked to model in all 3 dimensions so I will have to use a Class Diagram and State diagram, but I’m more familiar with those.

Thanks for the help.

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