Anybody play Sports?

Lol, it would be interesting to see a debate between Europeans/Soccer fans against American football fans to see the arguments about why their particular sport is better. A lot of Americans say the same about real football (soccer) that’s it’s just a lot of backwards and sideways passing with very little action. This is literally what americans think soccer is like.

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Oh no, I don’t want to argue which sport is better. I get why some people would consider our football boring.

But in the NFL (or the MLB for that matter) nothing happens for a good amount of the time.

I play football. Stopped playing semi-pro a few years ago after a brief, injury/illness wrought couple years post uni, in which my affinity for Abou Diaby reached new heights. Now just play for fun with mates in a futsal league and a f7 league. Was back playing futsal tonight after a while not playing because of vacations/going out a bit too much/getting quite ill. Was not so sharp. :grin:

@Mysty is there a way to post a picture without non-members being able to see it?

The only place on this Forum a non member wouldn’t be able to see your post other than PM, would be in the staff section :gunnersaurus:

Edit: Actually, it’s possible to upload an image, and wrap it around with the spoiler tag. Technically the image would be blurred out on preview, you’d have to click it to see it.

so you’d have to be registered to make it non-blurred then? (re: the edit)

I don’t think it matters if you’re registered or not tbh, I think anyone is capable of clicking a spoiler tag and being able to see it. Adding a spoiler tag though gotta be better than nothing though? :slight_smile:

Maybe you could ask for it to be a feature in the Wish List thread for the future.

Just PM the pic to all members. What could go wrong?

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AC, you’ve been a member on OA for almost 4 years and none of your friends have found you lol, and you changed your username recently. I think you’re ok :wink:

Wish List:

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edit: @Mysty it’s not only about that, it’s also I just find it weird having myself on the interweb. I don’t even have facebook for this reason. In my ideal world I could share photos with you OA cybermates in a big OA whatsapp group. :smiley:

(btw whoever can’t figure out AbouCuellar is the same person as ArseneCuellar I would hope is not my friend)

6 iron, it’s an uphill hole with the green quite raised. Pitched at the front and rolled in.

Used to play football, baseball and volleyball. Now i just do swimming sometimes.

I played hickey for a few years but kept getting injuries, and after straining both calves, I took a long break and focused on strength training and swimming. I then took up BJJ but kept getting injured. Took a year to get my body sorted out (osteopath and personal trainer) and then started basketball and crossfit.

I love CrossFit. Won my first comp at the beginning of this month. I still scale the olympic lifting, but I’ve got most of the gymnastic skills down- very close to my muscle-up on the rings.

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When I was 15 or 16 the first time I played golf I got a par on one hole. Looking back I have no idea why I never played again.

So at the age of 53 and 23 years after my last one im doing a marathon again next week.
Sort of like a perverse mid life crisis ,its something thats been at the back of my head for about 18 months now.
Trainings gone okay but obviously slower than back in the day.
Time not important but would be happy with a 4 15 sort of time.
Probably should of dyed my hair and got a tattoo instead.