Anybody play Sports?

Recreational? Competitive?

For the last 8 years I’ve been playing 5aside and 8aside, but the last year I’ve just been getting injured more often, and quite frankly not having the same desire to play every week, no competitive urge. I turn 30 in April and the injuries have just been annoying, knee, ankle, back, shoulder, I’m in pretty decent shape, and surprised at how bad I’ve been breaking down. Long story short, I gave up the goalkeeper gloves and picked up a set of golf clubs about 6 months ago and I’m obsessed.

I started messing around and was awful, so I decided to get a string 5 lessons and have completed 4. The patience of this game is fucking brutal. Listening to the instructor and trusting him has been a task, but I enjoy practicing a few days a week, playing 9 holes here and there, and lastly the competitive side in me is back wanting to get better every day at this game. We just completed lessons with the long clubs, hybrids-woods-driver and I felt so relieved to be able to hit them pretty good. He changed my entire swing for the better, I just have to work on consistency but I love the challenge.

What do you play?


I play sand volleyball twice a week competitively, pick up football on Wednesdays, race cyclocross once in awhile and mountain bike frequently. Looking to get in to mountain bike races this fall for sure.

I used to golf all of the time when I had a free hookup now I just do some charity/alumni best ball events when the opportunity arises.


Play 5aside from time to time, but nothing regular.

I have been playing a lot of squash recently though, 2-3 times a week for the past few months. Really enjoying it even if I am playing to a low standard. Great way of exercising even if you do end up running into walls every now and again!


I cycle a fair bit but no interest in doing so competitively. I like seeing PBs come down and average pace going up mind.

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Drinking is a competative sport, right? I also do it uncompetitively, but those happy hours are pretty god damn intense.

I play club Cricket competitively for a University team and a random village team in the Sussex league. Train in the nets fairly often too. Currently I’m a batting all rounder, often coming in to settle an innings and keep it trudging along nicely. I mainly emphasise technique, creativity and timing. I sometimes bowl leg spin and sometimes medium pace, haven’t settled or peaked in either yet.

The other sports I only play or train in recreationally. Football 7 and 5 a side, Table Tennis and recently Boxing feed into my appreciation of technical skill. I love playing nice passes, spinning a return across the opponent and shifting the shoulder blades to drift off a lunging jab to counter.

They’re all arts and mentally challenging. I love sports.


I used to do Judo, competitively for about 15 years. I had joined the national team for under 16 after winning a silver medal in the natioal championship.

I was also playing basketball and I was in the high school team and then in the College team in the university.

But now, nothing, football game from time to time, I also try to keep myself fit in the gym.

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I play football

Quarterback? Running back? Defensive line? Safety? :sob::sob::sob:

I play golf regularly, 6 handicap.

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I play Starcraft 2 :slight_smile:

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I play tennis, once or twice a week :slight_smile:

Used to play football, from my 11th till 22nd. Injury plagued-career forced me to retire early though.

My highlight? Scoring 41 goals in a title-winning season :smiley: Final game of the season was us vs direct challengers for the title. I decided the game, we won 4-3, thanks to my second-half hattrick :sunglasses:


I boxed for 13 years as an amateur and was also a licensed (WAKO) kickboxer too. But I got into weights and got all the way up to 14 stone at one point (baring in mind I’m definitely no taller than 5’7) and now I’m back down to 12.5 stone I’ve started boxing a lot more regularly again.


Karate 3 years
Lau Gar Kung Fu 6 years
Ki Aikido 15 years
Iaido 3 years
Boxing 2 years
Football Coach 8 years (Kingstonian/Kew)

However just do Iaido, weights and boxing now as getting on a bit.

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Boxing and Bball recreationally and a bit of footie 7s.

Got my first ever hole in one at the weekend. On a 165 yard par 3.


Good man! I’m actually excited for you, hopefully I manage it one day.

What is the attraction to American Football though? 70-80% of the time really nothing happens.

That’s awesome! I was close last Monday! Stuck an 8-iron from 138 out within 4 feet,

What club did you use?

No clue. Never played it…fairly boring to watch. It’s become the poor people’s muse lately. Although the fantasy aspect of American football is 100x more exciting than fantasy football. But I stopped playing that as well a few years back because it’s a lot of work.