Andre Villas Boas and the guy from Broadchurch



This will not please @Persona


‘the guy from broadchurch’ :smile:




Aside from having brown hair and being a bit beardy, I don’t think they look particularly alike.


My thoughts exactly.


“The guy from Broadchurch”

His name is David Tennant, he’s known for a much bigger role and he looks nothing like AVB. Plus he’s miles better looking than that Portuguese failure.


he was good in Jessica Jones aswell


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‘the guy from broadchurch’
[/quote]The title of this thread, reminds me of a photo the BBC had on their website a few years back. It had Lewis Hamilton and Niki Lauda in it, and someone must’ve not realised who Lauda was, because the caption under the photo read, “Lewis Hamilton with an elderly fan”. :joy:




At the magazine I used to work at, we had a piece on Shakira - the caption on a picture of her and her husband, Gerard Piqué, read “Shakira is popular with men” :neutral_face: Fortunately I noticed it before it went to press, but we’ve had many other caption fails.


Not sure you included enough photos there Cuellar, could you post another 50 so I can accurately make up my mind? Perhaps one of them as babies, a university graduation pic, a wedding photo montage etc.


Absolute shambles. Name and shame pls


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Absolute shambles. Name and shame pls
[/quote]Managed to find it! I got the details slightly mixed up. It was actually a photo of David Beckham with Lauda, inside the Mercedes garage for the 2013 SIngapore GP, probably why I originally thought it was Lewis. Either way, the fuck up point remains valid :smiley:


I sincerely hope that was a joke on their behalf.

Fuck me.

I like Becks, but it really should be ‘Niki Lauda posing with young admirer’


bumping this gem. Bring dem likes my brothas


Liked from day one, I’ve got ya back :sunglasses:


I mean, how can you not appreciate the thought and delicate sensibility put into the ordering, such as this inspired sequence:



Might lock this. Will sleep on it. :smiley:


WTF is this shithole?