André Onana

Got the Bell stamp of approval.

Welcome André!

Signing a goalkeeper who is banned until Feb 2022 is a bit uhhhhhhhh :facepalm:

But on the other hand is very good and still only 25. We could have actually fixed our goalkeeper issues if this gets done. Was never convinced of Szczesny nor Leno here.


Is there any chance of it getting overturned or no?

@Bl1nk be honest…is he shit?

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Never took to Leno

So would love this

Delighted with him to be honest. At that price too.


More shyte .
I can’t trust a ‘keeper who wears shorts sleeves , never can , never will .

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Szczesny :sob::sob:

Is Onana any good? Haven’t seen much of him apart from the odd game in Europe

If he’s that good why is he so cheap and why are no other clubs interested?
Let’s hop who ever is making the decision to buy him, is not the same person who thought Ruarssen was a great idea.

Just to give you an idea of the intelligence of Onana, here is a quote about his recent drug ban:
“Ajax said he accidentally took his wife’s medicine and that they would appeal the decision.”

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Thats a terrible argument lol.

Who else needs a goalie but us?

The chances of that happening are slim. People who usually work these cases say the punishment is rarely overturned. Apparantly they already have been lenient by giving him one-year in stead of two or four.

Sign me up to the hype train!!!


Tbf, Onana was wanted by many clubs in previous years. Even last summer, Chelsea wanted him but Ajax was apparently asking for 30m.

Obviously the ban has soured some clubs and not many clubs are on the lookout for a goalkeeper anymore so they’re not looking at him. I think the key here is that Onana is promised to have a good chance at being #1.

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Unacceptable, this man isn’t even on FIFA so how am I supposed to know if he’s any good or not?

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He’s not?

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I’m assuming because of the ban he’s been taken off until the winter update

He’s usually about 83 rated :kroenke: