Alright fuckers


Watcha all,

Not been on here in fucking ages, thought I’d come back on, meet and greet again!

So have I missed much?


We all agreed that @JakeyBoy has a massive head.

And he’s balding.


Welcome back mate. Good to see some familiar faces returning to the fold.


Also, his favourite topic is balls.


Off with your head


Can’t see his head in this pic @TheSpecialCnut



Good to see the banter in full flow, any more of us oldies on here still?


I’m still kicking about, 9 years on!

There’s a few of us. Welcome back pal!!


Bloody hell Judders! We were just recently reminiscing about Clubs on FIFA 13, what a coincidence. How the hell have you been?


I knew Wenger leaving would be a net positive for The OA.




Herr Lipp!


You are spot on mate, Wenger leaving means I can come out my cave *yaaaaaawn :grin: