Alli and Kane vs Ozil and Sanchez

  • Alli and Kane
  • Ozil and Sanchez

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Spurs vs Arsenal

I did a similar one with Fabregas and Van Persie a couple of years ago


Özil and Sanchez, but Pochettino>>>Wenger.


Eriksen is a better player for the comparison.

But do you want to know this year or general?


I’m leaving that up to you lot to have your own say, no specific questions from me


Ozil and Sanchez are a better duo in the abstract but Alli and Kane are a lot younger and Poch has been much more effective at building at team around them that utilizes their skills.


Interesting comparison. Alli and Kane are class tbh, overjoyed at their nationality too.

Alexis and Ozil are just badass though.


Fuck off spurs


Alli and Kane are both very good talents, however, they also benefit from playing in an incredibly well drilled and oiled team that gets the best out of the both of them.

Switch Özil and Sanchez for them at Spuds and they’d possibly win the league and yes I feel dirty after saying that.


:ozil2: :sanchez2:



Maybe just me, but I think Alli’s talent as a footballer is eclipsed by his talent as a cunt.


I look forward to seeing what all 4 will do together for City :joy:


I agree.
He is a nasty spiteful piece of work, without being a particularly hard player, a bit like Costa at Chelsea.

Saying that, I wish we had a player like him.


This isn’t even close.

Ozil and Sanchez are world proven. All comps.

Alli and Kane are only proven in England and yet to win jack shit.


Is this right now ? Or long term taking ages into account ?


I agree with the vote, but also know so many people that would laugh at the current poll result as it stands


up to you


for me Alli is one of the best young players in world football, reminds me of a young Frank Lampard and Kane has been banging in the goals for the last 3 seasons and is a world class striker, wish they were both at Arsenal but like others have said Sanchez and Ozil have been world class for longer periods of time, both always have been. 4 amazing players so it’s hard to choose


For next season I’d take Sanchez & Ozil.