Alexis Sánchez

Watching him live was surreal, especially with Mkhitaryan on same pitch.

Used to be one of my favourite players so damn I couldn’t watch anyone or anything else but him with his short leg up his thigh…haha

Good day

What do you mean live? Were you in the stadium?



Never been to Olimpico. I want to watch a game there one day.

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Well I can vouch, it’s fun.

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Are we sure he even needs a thread?

Pretty sure this sorta shit belongs in one big generic thread

Yes, one big “Snake Pit” thread shall do. :pires2:

How was the atmosphere?

It was alright. Like a fun day out for the spectator with not much at stake. There wasn’t any venom that would trouble Inter players.

I was at stand next to away fans and they were buzzing throughout.

Roma’s anthem moment was pretty nice.

And and…Roma fans dislike Lukaku. Plenty of curses when he missed a great chance.

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