Alexis as a striker

  • Yes - Should definately be our striker
  • No - Keep him on the wings
  • Unsure - Need more time to decide

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Wenger had this to say about it yesterday

And speaking on Facebook Live with BT Sport, Wenger believes playing Sanchez as a striker allows him to conserve his energy for attacks.

He said: "I play Sanchez in the middle because at the moment he scores goals, he has a quality of runs in behind and he’s less busy doing defensive work on the flanks.

“That allows him to contribute more to the offensive power of the team because today the full backs go forward and he uses a lot of energy in the flanks.”

I didn’t think Alexis could do it but tonight’s game vs Chelsea changed my mind. What a performance!

So are you for it or against it?

I would be for it but not for every game which I think is what Wenger will do aswell. We will need to start Giroud as a striker in some matches.

Can a mod add a poll. The poll button doesn’t work for me!


He’s had a few great games as striker and put in a top performance today but I’m not convinced tbh, defensively this Chelsea team are terrible right now, Cahill is a joke and Luiz is Luiz.

It worked against Hull but that’s not surprising, against the best teams I don’t think we’ll get the best out of Sanchez playing as a striker.

It’s very early days to believe we’ve found the world class striker we need after the days of RVP.


Was great today and the lineup worked, which I was doubtful of… but it was definitely an odd game b/c Chelsea were dire and handed us an early goal, which changed the nature of the game. It is a bit like when we got railroaded by them after conceding an early goal.

I am not sure what to make of Chelsea honestly. They have a LOT of talent (and are obviously missing 2 key CB) but look a shambles.

IF Iwobi can continue his awesome form and performances and IF Theo can be useful out right like he was tonight, then Sanchez up top starts to make a bit more sense, although I suspect against teams who are more organized and packed in, we will need Ollie up there to give us something to cross to and be more of a target.


Another of my argument. I rather Sanchez in attacking half than defending at left back.
His energy, much like Ozil’s is right now, should solely be for attacking.


Not convinced entirely yet but if it means Iwobi plays then I am all for it for now.


You were right son. Soak it in but be dignified towards these mere peasants who couldn’t open their mind to the enlightenment of Alexis as CF.


I always play Sanchez as striker on FIFA. Wenger copies me! :wenger:


Added a poll for you @Calum :slight_smile:

I’m really pleased to see him working out so well up front. I don’t think for all games it’ll work, but more often or not it’ll pay off. I always thought Wenger sees Alexis as his own version of Luis Suarez, minus the biting of course :wenger:

Giroud has his work seriously cut out to ever reclaim the lead role.


Tbh if Alexis bit someone I’d say he’d be fairly committed. Wenger would have to stick a thumb up his anus to unlock that lockjaw mentality and even then I’m not sure it would break it up.


If the tactics were on point he wouldn’t need to do that.

Today was a case of the team doing a collective press which alleviates the need for Sacnhez to do it as much.

Thing is the way we played today (team defence) likely won’t be carried forward throughout the season which is a shame.


No doubt the better team effort & Chelsea not being good enough, made Sanchez look much better as CF.
But today’s game showed how having him there really accentuates his attributes.
He can be the guy who runs behind the defence as well have the creativity to come deep & release others.

This also helps get the best out of chemistry that Ozil & Sanchez have.
Ozil doesn’t have to wait for Sanchez to arrive after acquiring the ball.

I see our version of Aguero in Sanchez and I hope this experiment pays off as well as it did with Persie.


Not convinced its a long term solution. We’ve seen it be useless before and if it continues I think we’ll see it be useless again.

That said the competition is a good thing.


In terms of talent and athleticism Alexis is simply one of the best players in the world. We wasted last season trying to facilitated Theo as our CF and honestly I see a lot of parallels between our opening last year with this one.

Today was reminiscent of our demolition job against United at home, with the main difference being we look much stronger at the back.

I have much more faith in Alexis as our CF than I ever did with Theo, he’s literally better in everyway. His only flaw as a striker is that he isn’t greedy enough.

My biggest concern today - like the United demo job - was that it was at home, Wenger has decisions to make now if he can actually make us competitive. He spent close to 100 million this summer so Wenger needs to show he can manage a team full of adults with no safety net.


For the moment I’m going to stick to thinking he should play out wide. But today made me stop and consider the question.


If Alexis wants this position and it works for the team, I’m down with it.

It has been steadily improving for a few games in a row now.


Him as a centre forward works because of the iwobi, Theo and ozil always move in to space to cover work hard behind him and out wide and always create chances; also the cm positions are sound and very creative and very defensive.


I Still think he’s much more effective on the wing but I have to admit it worked against Chelsea just not sure if it can consistently work.


Yep. More Iwobi please. He is what I thought Ox could become.

Still, I think that Sanchez will be suited on the left against teams that sit deep with Perez or Giroud up top to hold play for runs in behind.

Teams dumb enough to play a high line will get punished with Sanchez up top.



It worked yesterday. More to the fact that the entire team (finally) seemed highly motivated to work their socks of to win the ball. Not convinced yet, but we will have to wait and see.