Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Laca-style! :laca:


I agree.
Giroud was definitely the player to be sold and it has worked out the best decision.

Lacazette is younger and he was in very good form at the end of last season.
The only problem we have is trying to fit Aubameyang and Lacazette in the same attacking line up.
As soon as that’s done we should be getting the best out of both of them because they are both top quality players.


Ironically I think Lacazette missing that many sitters is very promising, bear with me on this. Throughout his career his goals to chance ratio has been very good but his average chances per game has been low. There’s an old saying ‘keep getting in goalscoring positions and the goals will come’ and I think it absolutely will hold true with Lacazette. If he continually gets 4-5 chances per game he’ll be top level prolific. It won’t necessarily happen though. As it is his numbers are only okay right now.


Yeah I didn’t think of it that way. I know he’s always been criticised for not having too many chances per game so it’s promising to see him in so many goalscoring positions. Hopefully it’ll pay dividends and the goals start flowing too.


Hopefully he starts adding goals to his game, I know it’s a lesser league and an abundance of penalties but he did score 37 in all comps in his final season Lyon.


The most important is that Arsenal keep winning. Even if that happens with Monreal as our leading scorer I couldn’t care less.


Our chances of continuously winning will be increased if adds goals to the another aspects he’s doing well at the moment.


Everybody has a specific task but at they end of the day it’s a team sport and doesn’t it really matter how we win.


He is our topscorer in all competitions. You can’t complain.


No he’s not, Aubameyang is.


You are right, but he is still scoring a lot compared with the last year. You have to give him credits.


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Yes Laca! Get that award!!


Both Laca and Emery to win it!


I think Hazard will just beat Lacazette, because Chelsea are on a great run, like us, but have played some of the other top clubs.

The one thing I wanted to see before the season started was Lacazette and Aubameyang in the same starting line up, and once they can build a decent partnership, there is no reason why Lacazette, and possibly Aubameyang as well, can’t get twenty, or more, PL goals this season.

If we can get both of them, as well as Ozil and Mkhitayran, all playing to there potential, we will have one of the best attacks in the PL.


Lets be honest. Hazard has to win this. Laca is on fire atm tho.


Sadly, you are right. Laca has been great for us, but Chelsea wouldn’t have won some games without Hazard.


Hazard will beat Lacazette because he’s simply been better than him, also @Phoebica have they watched games ? No way known Lacazette has been better than Kun.


Laca nominated for goal of the month too


Maddison. He’s been great. Made the transition from Championship to PL seamlessly