Alexandre Lacazette (9)


We didn’t play that good of a game, and both teams had a 1 v 1 with the keeper. That extra class from a player that cost us 50m is supposed to be the difference. Watford can miss those, we can’t afford to.


He scored like 3 days ago lmao. You’d think he’s on some sort of 14 million week goal drought like Giroud was on that sesaon.


2 goals in 6 league games is the important stat though. That’s the one that really matters. How many goals he grabs against minnows in Europe and lower league teams in the League Cup is largely irrelevant.

I’m a fan of him and believe he’ll get 20 at least this season. But goals are the most important metric for judging a striker.


He’s a different caliber of striker

Giroud has never been prolific, Lacazette has.


Issue is Laca hasn’t really been prolific at all for Arsenal.

His best qualities have nothing to do with his rate of goalscoring - Which isn’t an issue for me personally as I value well rounded CF.

He’s been better value than Auba so far


I might be wrong but didn’t Giroud score more goals in France the year he won the Golden Boot, than Lacazette ever managed in a single season?


Oh I definitely agree and I’d like to see him refine his finishing a little bit but he’s still being impactful without scoring so I’m not going to come down to hard on him. He’s got to keep working hard because Aubameyang-who is the superior cf-is looking more disinterested on the wing by the week. The time might come he finds himself central other than just in the groups.


I agree that he is should ideally be scoring more goals and that that’s ultimately the metric you judge a centre forward by, but I have to say I’m still very happy with how he’s been playing recently.




Ahh just looked it up. I was thinking about the stat that eliminated Lacas penalty goals.


Still nope.


Can remember fans wanting him sold and dubbed him a flop lol. He’s an excellent striker.


I was coming to this thread to make this exact point lmao.

When we bought Aubameyang I argued with some in this thread who said Lacazette should be sold in the summer. I still can’t get over how stupid and reactionary those suggestions were.


He’s been better than Auba who’s been very disappointing in the league so far. He really should only be on one league goal.

Got very lucky with that offside decision vs Everton.

Really needs to get his act together. Where is the Auba from last season went?


He’s on the wing lol


Still part of the front 3 tho. Should be doing much better


Emery really needs to find a way to make the 2 work together because we would improve even more.


I like this boy
He knows where the net is and he reminds me of a certain Mr Wright but Lacazette show more instinct outside of the box .
I’d look to build an attacking midfield around Lacazette and feed him balls to run on to .
Quality goal scorer .


Auba is playing out wide, it was obvious he wasn’t going to be as effective playing out of position.


I’d only rank Aguero and Kane above him in the league in terms of finishing