Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Seems like he has decent chemistry with Auba. Bodes well for next season under a new manager.

As others have said, not a bad goal return given this is arguably our shittest team in over 20 years. And even if it’s not the shittest squad on paper, it’s definitely the shittest and most disjointed to watch in the Wenger era.


Didn’t watch the match, where was Laca playing? Auba and Laca up top together in like a 442 or something. I actually love Laca he just hasn’t been performing at the level he should be all year. So happy he’s starting to produce!! Although it seems like he maybe felt he needed some support because Auba has done wonders for his confidence it seems. Im kinda liking that blooming bromance :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


So you have changed your tune? Now Laca is good :wink:


Well i didn’t watch the match tbh so I dunno, he still wasn’t really impressive in the last match to me. I won’t argue with production though, if he’s scoring 1 goal per match I don’t care how he does it.


A striker has to score goals, tbh. That’s the only thing that matters in the end.


He looks infinitely better when Auba is on the pitch


You have to wonder with a goal in the 85th and 89th minute when we were still in offensive mode, how many more he might have if he was allowed to play in the crucial 70-95 minutes phase a little more.


Probably like, a 100 or something maybe innit :man_shrugging:t2:

We’ve had such a disjointed midfield this season which hasn’t helped either. I feel like it’s only just clicked in the last month or so. I really can’t wait to see what the next coach does with both Laca and Auba. Can definitely see them being a strike duo and doing away with this one-on-the-wing business.



I love Per Mertesacker.


I reckon he will be a surefire hit with coaching the youngsters i feel they will respect him a great deal and also love him too.


I actually love Laca :joy::joy::joy:


if I was lacazette i would get a restraining order or at the very least make this face :gabriel: enquiring why is my face tattooed on your ass…have some self respect man.


Dude looks like Koscielny’s younger brother or some shit


Reminds me of Timothy McVeigh…not a good look!


I passed out on the couch not long after the Elneny injury, will watch the 2nd half when I get home tonight @Luca_from_Italy. Good to see his scoring goals with regularity, I would love him to prove me wrong next season.




That’s what I was talking about


What is wrong with that guy?


Obviously not the only thing from Laca he wants near his ass