Alexandre Lacazette (9)


How has our form been any better without him? It’s been worse if anything. Not saying he’s been world class but he hasn’t been shite either like people want to make out for some reason.


Nothing wrong with the Lacazette signing. The squad has been shit this season. The management has been shit this season. Give the guy a chance before throwing him to the wolves.


This thread is a fucking joke :joy:


The point that Laca is completely inconsequential to this side barring the EL for this season.

Looking ahead to next season, even under a different manager, it’s hard to see him in a role which justifies the massive outlay. It’s clear Auba is the undisputed striker here. It’s a small sample size but it looks like he’s a far more effective poacher.

Cut our losses and go for someone young and talented


Why not have a player of his quality as your second choice though, he’s 3 years younger then Aubameyang? I don’t see why we should dump him after one season.


He’s just under 2 years younger than Aubameyang. I think the reason people want to cash in is they’d prefer the money spent fixing up other areas.


Because it’s not an efficient or smart use of our finite resources using a £50m player on over £100k as a second option.

We can secure a premium striking talent who would value rotation mins in the league and EL starting behind Auba whilst his ability and resale value increases. That’s the ideal situation imo

I’m not sure how willing Laca himself will be happy with reduced mins and lack of starts going into the future as he enters into his prime. It just seems best to me if we cut our losses before we get to a point where he doesn’t have the goal scoring record to justify a decent return



First one to be shown the door is Welbeck, then Iwobi

If the starting striker (Auba) got injured/suspended, we need quality as back up and rotate.

To be exact, before we find some other quality backup/sub/rotation, we cannot let Laca go.
It is a disaster to have Welbeck on the field.


Aubameyang wasn’t available in the summer and going into another season with Giroud as our only real forward wasn’t an option either.

Lacazette won’t be let go until at least summer '19 either unless Svengali and Sangali are ruthless mofos, so I don’t see much point worrying about it until then.


Does anyone know hoe he’s going with his injury recovery ?


Wenger said yesterday that he’s doing light training and will be back after the international break.


We are really not in a position to worry about a back up striker. There are so many more pressing issues to be fixed.


Well the only matches that matter now really are in the EL, and in that competition he is our first choice. So if its OK with you I’ll take an interest in his fitness.


I was more looking ahead to next season tbh.

In all honesty I think we can beat all teams in the EL without Lacazette. Except Atletico, but I’m not sure we could beat them with him either :smile:.


Ah, I saw your comment as being a response to the posts above yours rather than as a general comment. Apologies


Lacazette must be a bit worried. From number 1 at OL to bench striker at Arsenal. Hope him and PEA will be used wisely. For Bambi on ice it’s time to move on.


Laca should be available after the break


@Aussiegooner just making your Wednesday or Thursday? better for you with this great news


Great! We need him now that the Europa League becomes really difficult.


We need him for the Europa League, so cheers @Calum glad to hear he’s on his way back.