Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Theo upfront, the Alexis upfront even the Gervinho up top worked mainly because Giroud wasn’t faffing around up top. An Laca-Alexis-Ozil-Walcott formation would have probably worked better that all of the former if
a)Alexis didn’t play like an imbecile and had actually passed the ball
b)Walcott wasn’t playing at an unbelievable shit level.


Theo went into shit form mode in the spring of 2016 that’s when he was jumping out of tackles ect. All these goals from him playing cf were in the short period of time from spring 2015 through fall 2015 that Wenger gave him a chance up top. Other than that Theo was never given the opportunity. @SRCJJ nased upon that there’s not really a basis to say it didn’t work. It was never even given a chance.


I do think thats a more accurate statement than it didn’t work tbh.


Loving the look of us with him sitting comfortably on the pine :heart_eyes:


Hater. It’s still only Everton


So you’d rather play Iwobi over Laca?

Behave look over your agenda Aussie


Yeah probably as I don’t want our only world class striker being played out of position, hopefully we sign a winger in the summer though.




What a feckin stupid comment, ffs…typical Arsenal fan…


He’ll get plenty of chances still, no need to worry yet


Stick some rotten danish biscuits up your ass.


Gonna agree with Aussie here off the admittedly small sample size of 90 minutes. Iwobi played pretty well and his lack of goal threat at the moment is negated once you bring Auba into the side. Iwobi may well benefit hugely from Auba, to the detriment of Lacazette (sadly).

Let’s see what Big Weng chooses for an away game against a side that doesn’t look punch drunk from the start like Everton did




Yeah, it’s hilarious that @Arsenal4thetreble defended Walcott for several years but yet Laca is a complete bust after a half season on one of the most disjointed Arsenal sides in a while.

Is it too much to ask to see how he does over a season or so before he’s written off completely?

Arsenal need Lacazette to shine in the Europa league.


He is a doom monger of the highest order. Never liked him.


Iwobi is shit but out wide he’s somewhat useful to team cohesion. Lacazette most certainly is not useful to team cohesion out wide.


Its more his level so fingers crossed.


We paid elite prices for a player whose ability didn’t correspond to his cost. Loads of posters realised this when we were being linked.

Extremely poor investment. Lets just face reality and be honest. We got it wrong, time to sell at a loss in the summer.

Doubt it’ll happen under Wenger though. We’ll hold onto him untill he’s 28/29 and doesn’t have a goalscoring record to justify any kind of respectable return.


He is?

Nonsense. £50m for a striker is not elite prices in this market. Whether it was a good signing or not is debatable but it’s not nearly as cut and dry as you make out. Again, of the 3 big CF signings I think you can make a strong case his was the best value.

Lacazette is a good player, but it’s just a case of really poor squad planning. His strength is link-up play and finishing inside the box, but isn’t a high volume shooter, would’ve been perfect alongside a wide forward type (Theo type) who runs into space and supplements his shot volume. Now we’ve bought a 26-27 yr old and a 28-29 yr old for £110m, when we clearly should’ve chosen one between the two and bought a young striker or wide forward or both with the remaining money.


He’s getting sold in the summer