Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Lacazette had a poor game last night. Couldn’t hold the ball up and wasted our best chance. Subbing him before Welbeck was the right thing to do.

In Laca’s defense, apparently he had been sick all day.


I’ve thought that for a while as well.
It’s as if Lacazette was bought without his full support and he only plays him because he has hardly any other options.

It’s a bit similar to Perez.
What’s going on when you spend an almost record amount on a striker and almost never play him.

I don’t know what Wenger is playing at, but if he wants to ruin the club, it could be the only successful thing he has done in recent seasons, because he is doing an excellent job at it.


Suffer from Wengerite? :henry2:


Subbing Lacazette off for Sanchez was pointless towards stealing a late goal. But in terms of keeping the clean sheet it meant we could defend better from the front. Defensively a good move and terrible the other way.


Is he even playing today ? Maybe @Arsenal4thetreble was right, we’d be no worse off playing Walcott.


Give it a rest ausssie ffs


yet AGAIN how many fucking times was he in a good area but no passes. Even the fucking sky commentator was saying why are they delaying the passes when laca could have been in, they are doing it time and time again are they fucking brain dead our players!


We can’t create any chances for any striker with this team.


Even for Bellerins goal he should’ve squared it to him lol


The reason i know there’s an issue is because Welbeck was through on goal 4 or 5 times. Of course he can’t score and the other times the passes weren’t great, however the movement was there. Laca largely invisible the entire match…


He’s not been great but overall he’s been doing the right things so I won’t write him off, he’s not a Xhaka that seems almost hopeless.

He’s a lot better than this and has demonstrated for both club and country.


he wasnt invisible he was MADE TO LOOK invisible, even the sky commentator said the amount of times he could have been passed to but his team mates were so slow was poor and they were questioning why it took them so long to make decisions on the ball. His movement is more than good enough and there a number of times he was in but the fucking dickheads wont pass the cunting ball and i am fucking sick of this pathetic slow build up play its infuriating to watch.


We aren’t a great side to begin with but when you spend 35m on a bust in Xhaka, and 50m on a striker that hasn’t scored in 9 games, Aussie said 10 hours of football (not sure exactly but it’s been a long time) it becomes a desperation situation yikes.


Hasn’t scored in 12 hours of football but yeah let’s blsme everyone else other than him :eyes:


This is the reason ppl wrote Giroud off. He went something like 15 matches no goals in that season we shoulda won the league.


well how the fuck can he score if everytime he is in a goalscoring position he doesnt get the fucking pass, or he gets the pass too late when the door is slammed shut or he gets the pass when he is offside because he plays on the shoulder and the chance is gone. The fucking cunts are pissing about with the ball constantly we never pass quickly enough we are slow and laboured and i am fucking sick of it!


He should stop playing off the shoulder like he was with Lyon. We aren’t getting anywhere near playing him in behind. He should play deeper and get involved in the build up like Sanchez and RvP did. The days of sliding a striker in are gone here at Arsenal. Even Aguero would be struggling here.


Fucking Clueless people in here


The only clueless thing in this thread was people like you predicting 30 goals in all comps type of stuff before the season


He doesn’t have anywhere near the allround talent like Sanchez & RVP so simply put that isn’t going to happen.