Alexandre Lacazette (9)


of course he does he gets fuck all service it all goes through that rat sanchez.


Pointless fucking signing. Sure I guess you wanna search for a player that can lead the line but we’ve got 3 players on his level at the club already. What a fucking waste.


No one is assisting him FFS!


not one fucking player is playing to his strengths all of this fucking sideways passing all the time and passing to sanchez who is wide and then across the box crossing to no one, do we honestly have players that are this fucking dumb do we really need to sign someone like fekir to actually get some fucking balls to him in decent areas.


Got the full 90 today and it still didn’t help his cause, people will come around and accept he’s just a decent striker in time, not the top quality one we were crying out for.


well how can he do well with this fucking sideways passing, look at him with fekir he was blasting them in because he is a direct striker by the time the fucking ball gets to him (which is not often to begin with) he is crowded out because we are SO FUCKING SLOW with the build up, its beyond annoying this bullshit sideways tippy tappy bullshit just FUCK OFF WITH IT ALREADY WENGER YOU CUNT! :angry:


Let’s see him under someone other than Wenger.

Guaranteed he’d be better


It’s so difficult to be critical of him right now because he’s playing in the worst and most disjointed Arsenal team in my entire time as an Arsenal fan. I simply do not think the lack of goals is indicative of his quality right now.


Sanchez scored like 25 league goals in the same team…Laca is shit.


He also only scored 16 goals in his first season at Arsenal.

You need to give the guy leeway to adjust and appreciate that the dynamic of the team is terrible right now. Worse than it has ever been. We’re dealing with an internal cold war, a manager who is so far past his best and just a generally poor squad. It’s wrong to be so critical of a player who is playing in such a disjointed setup in his first season in English football.


Sanchez did that as a winger for the most part though, Lacazette is an out and out striker.


You realize you’re replying to OA shittiest troll right?


16 from the wing…not leading the line where ur job is to get into position and score.


Yeah, not sure why people even entertain him.

It’s beyond tired now.


This. Not sure why everyone is so critical of Lacazette, he never gets the required service, you can tell his frustration. He makes lots of intelligent runs, finds space, is in dangerous positions, but the ball always goes back out wide to Sanchez.

I ask everyone to focus on Lacazette the next couple of games, and you guys will see what I’m talking about. If it wasn’t luck this guy would be in sunny Spain playing alongside Griezmann and crew and I bet he would of scored a lot more goals, because they don’t waste every single play passing it out wide to the left.

A lot of times he’s isolated, it’s like the rest of the team are playing their own game and he gets brought in every now and then, we need to change up our style of play, otherwise I doubt we will ever get the best out of him. Maybe when Sanchez goes and somebody else is brought in, we might actually see what kind of quality this lad has.


Yep Lacazette will really relish in proving himself next year when we don’t even have one of the best creative mids in the world in Ozil in the side anymore, fair enough it’s only his first 6 months in English football but 8 goals to this point isn’t a great return .


There’s plenty context though, he wasn’t starting initially and it’s almost a rule that he doesn’t get to finish games. Plus we are playing some woeful football, some of the worst the club has played in a very long time.

If you’re looking at the surface sure it isn’t great but there’s a hell of a lot wrong with this side that would impact a strikers effectiveness that’s for sure.


Fine I’ll accept the logic that the team is disjointed and that’s why Laca isn’t doing shit.

But if you accept that logic then surely a guy who scored 19 goals last season from the wing would be banging in about 40 or so in a coherent team :grin:


Since he last scored he’s had 13 shots over 6 match period, 9 of those shots were on target. I expect a better goal return than 0 with those numbers regardless of how the team is playing.

His reputation as a striker was based on finishing ability and efficiency in front of goal. We’re not seeing that


Signed for the sake of making a signing.