Alexandre Lacazette (9)


All this talk about mentality is one thing but at the end of the day what the best teams have over everyone else is the answers on the fucking pitch. Lacazette is a finisher and that’s only useful if you even get that far in the first place.

Mentality is most valuable for times of adversity and whatnot but what we as a club fundamentally don’t have is a functioning team. And that, as we never stop saying, comes down to the manager and coaching staff.

We’ve had so many players come in over the years and the result stays the same if not worse. It can’t just be the players.

If teams are the sum of their parts we definitely have an abundance of great and good parts. But we have a key part or two in there with the worst defects and that just makes the overall machine itself becomes useless as a result. What’s a good graphics card like Lacazette going to do when you have a wank processor like Wenger?

As soon as we discard that Wenger component and replace it with a top of the line component in its place, the whole team would start to play to its potential.


Poor again


Maybe cause he knows he’s coming off no matter what he does cause Wenger’s a fucking idiot who loves Giroud.

He can’t relax and enjoy the game as he knows he’s only got a limited time before he’s subbed


It’s really odd thatLacazette had a bad game, because if he had played the other night we would have been “three times” more likely to score, right @AbouCuellar ? :wink:

Playing like that, he wouldn’t have saved us. Fans were booing the decision to take him off, but this time I think it was the right thing to do.


this shit system wenger has got that he HAS to sub giroud to keep him happy is fucking stupid. You can see that Lacas sparkle has gone now he looks irritable and not clinical anymore. Wenger is a fucking coward, that tries to please everyone in the squad, look at fucking sanchez everyone knows the cunt is going but he still plays the fucker to not upset him even though he is detrimental to the team, wish he would fuck off already with his fathering and socialist wage structure and bullshit hippy ideals the fucking turd.


I don’t think knowing you will be subbed in the 70th minute is a reason for having a poor game to be honest. “Ah, i’m only playing three quarters of a Premier League game, so fuck it.”


its more of the ‘ive only got a so much time to make an impact’ and they put pressure on themselves instead of playing with freedom


Not a good period for him. Always being subbed off doesn’t help him though.


Hmmm perhaps. I don’t buy that, though. 70 minutes is a big chunk of the match.

I like him and we know he is better than this, but he does have limitations and that showed today.


Whatever the reason for the poor game he’s a lot better than what he’s showing but incidentally that goes for plenty of the team.

What they have in common is being managed by a grade A fraud.


Just low on confidence


He’s obviously relaxed enough to attempt a chip at one up instead of slamming it away.

You can only blame Wenger for so much. The main complaints previously has been about our inability to create enough chances for Laca, he got the good chances today but fluffed his lines, simple.


Lmao Laca is and was shit because Wenger subs him so his confidence is low :joy: I fucking love it, expect to see this excuse coming soon to a Theo thread near you, it’s just too fucking amazingly stupid not to use.


You have broken our balls, fucking stupid troll. Just hope some ban you. You are NOT AN ARSENAL FAN! Theo’s sucking cock lover.


Tastes a little metallic, not the sweet yumminess you’d expect out of a Theo cock.


Statistically most strikers score more late on as sides get tired and open up if they are chasing the match, and he virtually is never given that period of the game. He was certainly not on it today the way he can be but Lacazette is not the problem in this side, not even close.

His 8 goals would probably be 13 or 14 if this didn’t routinely happen.


Oh I know he isn’t the problem. And in most games I would agree that he should stay on the pitch. But with the way he was playing today, I think Wenger was justified in taking him off.

Though, having said that, he would have taken him off whatever the performance level.


This is how it starts. First, Why is Wenger subbing him omg rwarr. Next, well maybe he shoulda been subbed he’s looking low on confidence he’s tired. Last, Laca is shit fuck off Laca sell him how did we pay 50m for this guy?


lol yup

After going through a back and forth phase where whenever he is good he is good and whenever he is bad Wenger is bad. Which is my favourite thing wíth crybabies. We concede a goal by an individual mistake? Wenger sucks. We turn it around and score by individual skill? Player is awesome. Season in and out lol


A player who won’t sign a contract because of Wenger.