Alexandre Lacazette (9)


The situation needs to be solved ASAP. This is gonna get into Man Utd levels of toxicity before the first season ends.


Ridiculous hyperbole


Lacazette has been better than last season, but we can’t debate that he needs to find the net more, 50 appearances for 20 league goals is Giroudesque scoring rates.


Is it though? Had my doubts that Ozil was getting a cold treatment but the HT substitution confirmed it. We had similar situation like Man Utd when Alexis was around. Ozil is well liked by the boys so the hate could spread. Add to that Laca who simply doesn’t look happy.
For some reason Rambo seems like the calm one which is good.


How do you know it’s hyperbole?

Yes, it’s speculation. Not hyperbole, though


Its all in your head


Whatever you say bud.


Glad you agree


Definitely some reaching going on here based on a few sour faces and interpretations being assigned to subs etc.


I have no issue with Laca being frustrated at our play and coming off - as long as it doesn’t start to spill over into nonsense, it is fine with me… Ozil is a whole different ball-game - sub seemed odd to me… it was a game to give him bollocking at HT if you weren’t happy, then try to drive him on… if he didn’t do what you wanted then, yank him off… but against a Brighton squad, we needed someone to help us unlock an organized defense.




Never really liked statistics like these because it doesn’t factor in the kinds of games that he has played in. But I’m sure it counts for something.


Remember when we never lost when Mustafi started?


That goal just upped his price to 100m. Perfect timing he should look irresistible to Chelsea right now :grin::grin::grin:


Told ya he has some Drogba in him. He has that trait or better yet, mentality, that he could punish you from anywhere. Love strikers who don’t care about angles, balance, etc. and just have the audacity to attempt a shoot whenever possible.
RVP and Henry had this as well.


If that was scored by Ageuro, everyone would have jizzed.


Lacazette has scored vs top teams this season, his biggest issue as to why he’s not a top striker is he doesn’t put himself in a position to get enough chances.


Aubameyang has 14 goals so this might sound ridiculous but I dunno I think Laca is more clinical a striker than Auba. I feel Auba needs more than one chance to score but Laca can pop up and score in an instant.


He maybe more clinical I agree, but Laca doesn’t have the know how to time his runs as well as Aubameyang. Lack of shots on goal and putting himself in scoring positions is the ingredient Laca is missing.


Tbh they both have skills the other doesn’t. Very happy to have them both :slightly_smiling_face: