Alexandre Lacazette (9)


My man is a big game player


They showed the goal from several angles, it actually comes off Laca


That was what I thought Mo. Maybe I need to watch it again?!


I knew Rojo made contact, what I wasn’t sure was if it then made contact again of Lacazette before it went in.


Supersub formula seems to be working well here


It’s not sustainable though.


Bringing him on late won’t always yield goals but if we want to increase our offensive output our chances of doing that is better with him coming on against tiring legs.


Lacazette has more right to claim that Rojo OG than Kane had to Eriksen’s goal. But he’s not as pathetic as Kane, so will just accept the decision.



It’s kind of like the only trophy Spurs are truly gunning for each season is the Golden Boot.

Kane never gets rested despite the fact he’s knackered, they had the game won yesterday and he still played the full 90. He’s going to pay for all this football he’s playing at some point in his career, it’s not like he’s a supremely gifted athlete in the mould of Sanchez, Vidal et al. Now with the Nation’s League he’s going to get run into the ground furhter, not that I’m complaining.


Yee, but my point is more, Emery better figure out why we are such shit in the first half. Constantly taking leads and surrendering them before half is maddening.


I wonder why Eriksen is still hanging around. He can easily play for clubs like Bayern,Barcelona, Real etc.


Agreed. For how much pre match analysis and preparation we do for the opposition we sure do start slow.

Maybe Emery is average and just excels at adjustments


He’s gone soon unless they pay him similar to what Kane gets, he’s just as important. And even if they offer it he may go anyway, he won’t win big trophies at Spurs.

That team is not the same without him at all.


Maybe a bit of complacency/contentment about him. Probably feels happy enough working there and he’s got a steady number. A lot of folks are like that.


After Kane stole his goal, I was sure Eriksen was going to leave last summer. Shame he is still there.


I’m not sure he was as bothered about it as many of us on here were. That calm streak showing through again.


I actually think against teams who play like United yesterday Lacazette should start. In those tight spaces we probably need a player who can hold onto a ball and others can play off too.


I was in two minds until I saw all the angles definitely Laca’s


Told y’all Laca is pissed off with Unai. Those faces he makes aren’t just his resting face. He’s gonna be one of the first to turn on Emery too once the next bad patch comes.


Would have no opposition to him being moved on and replaced with a quality winger that means we get to see Auba playing central every week.