Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Of course, but then you could try a 4-4-2, with him and Iwobi on the wings and Auba and Laca upfront. Deadly.


Yeah that just means no place for Ozil in the starting 11 under that type of idea.


Could use 2 different systems.


I would strongly argue that playing from the left has done Auba’s goal threat all kinds of favours. He’s found a lot of space for back stick poaching and inside runs behind tired legs. He’s pretty much thriving now.

There just isn’t much of a basis for assuming his record would be better starting from the middle. Lacazette’s work on the ball and positional play is clearly helping Auba get these chances on a plate.

Sure Auba’s obviously a top class poacher but a lone striker has to be able to play on the ball in the modern game simple as. He clearly struggles with his back to goal and against tight marking. Now he rarely has to worry about that.

You never seem to think about these things though. You seem to just look at numbers and make a judgment purely on that. Football is far more qualitative than that.

Aubameyang central could easily make us one trick ponies (which we have looked like before with him there) compared to now.


At the moment I must confess I have little concern about how our attacking players are being utilised, from a team perspective we have 24 goals in 10 games so no way we could expect any better than that.


His goal was just fantastic. Made it look so easy. Really annoying to see people say “Alisson should have done better” rather than give Laca the credit he deserves. I’m not even sure Alisson did much wrong tbh

@Arsenal4thetreble you OK hun?


he scores such amazing goals.


He’s such a disgusting finisher.

We’re lucky to have him in our ranks.


Boom, that was for the board troll, @Arsenal4thetreble


Seriously? That’s the sort of goal no fucking keeper is stopping.

Sorry, should have quoted more, didn’t mean to make it look like you were saying that.


She wouldn’t say that if it was Bellerin that scored :laca:


As the Twitter lads would say, KILLAAA.

He’s been sharp this season, absolute weapon in front of goal. Everything seems to be working from him and I’m pleased we’re seeing him flourishing in this system.

Elite fucking celebrations too, suave motherfucker.


He scored from an impossible position. How can someone still criticize him?


Yes but you see he’s not as good as Walcott


Give him credit, really important goal :fire:


He saved us today. He does have penchant to score some really difficult goals which come in handy when we are out of ideas as a team.


Allison actually reads the through ball well. The composure and finish was pure Wrighty and thats the highest compliment I can give.




There’s so much to that goal.

Firstly the perfectly timed run to get behind the defence, forcing the keeper to come out to close the angle. Credit to Iwobi for the ball as well.

The first touch was decent enough to take it away from the keeper. Now here’s where a true strikers mind engages - After that first touch, he knows Allison is well off his line and won’t scramble back. At this moment in time, I guarentee that Laca already knows he’s going to take one touch to create a shooting angle, and another touch to get it out his feet for a strike at goal.

Laca doesn’t even look at the keeper once during this sequence. He already knows exactly where the keeper is and what he’s going to do with the ball. The finish itself was the icing on the cake.

He is a legit #9.


He made a bad mistake last week, came back and was decisive yesterday. Strong mentality.