Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Nah Xhaka for Cazorla takes the biscuit, followed by Arteta for Cesc. Remember the days when we used to replace Anelka with Henry and Overmars with Pires…


When will we stop pretending that we really had means to replace Persie with an equivalent player.
When Persie left, we had deficiencies in other areas with departure of Cesc & Nasri; and football was experiencing a severely shortage of quality forwards.


Suarez moved 6 months before RVP moved and we must have known RVP was wanting away by then. Mata and Cazorla moved in the same window Cesc left. Are planning wasn’t good enough at this time.


Replacing Vieira with Cesc ruined us




No one was harping on about Suarez at the time as if he was a sure shot world beater. (That said I always liked him)
Even in Liverpool, it took him a season and half to explode.


Treble is jealous Laca has taken Theo’s place at Arsenal :wink:


He’s never got over it has he. Needs to move on. Theo doesn’t care about him anymore. He’s got a scouser called everton4thetreble that’s his new bestie


Could be worse, he could be an English striker unable to get in their squad instead of a World Cup winning one.


Good read this


Can anyone who was at the match explain where Lacazette went after the third goal? It looks like he ran in the opposite direction of the celebration hugfest.

I just imagined he was so hyped he ran over to the fans at the other end or the subs bench or something.


Wtf no golazos. Get rid pls.


Really should have got on the scoresheet when Combination play between Iwobi & Ozil put in on a platter for him, somehow managed to miss when it seemed easier to score.


He was pretty damn unlucky tonight in terms of goalscoring chances as through passes just didn’t manage to find their way in to him etc but his play on the ball was class. Auba on the other hand had all the perfect space and opportunities in the world when he came on to thrive with his style. Emery’s using them all really well. They’re definitely both playing in the correct positions for the team at the moment.


A striker who can hold the ball without being a lump. Lukaku should take notice.



Why should he? He can continue being a lump for all i care




Dat guys! :unai:


I don’t need to say it but I will, it was his disgusting decision making / pass that led to the attack for the late penalty. Had a horrible match.