Alexandre Lacazette (9)


It looks like now that we’re playing with some tactical nous our MF will be chipping in their share of goals again. If we can get Laca/Auba together getting anywhere in the 30’s for goals I think we’ll be right there fighting for 4th at the end.



Replace ‘England’ with ‘Arsenal’ then it’d be more apt. There are great atmospheres in England, just no so much at the Emirates unless it’s a massive game.


Very true.

Every game at Anfield, St Jame’s Park and others the home fans are dialed in 1000%


Kind of weird thing to say. Obviously that’s his opinion but in England, football is literally a tradition. Look how much constant attention there is on football. Serious money is spent on this soil for the sake of football. Maybe, since it’s so granted, fans get complacent and aren’t as loud during matches but still, they care too much for the sport. Not being an Ultra doesn’t mean you’re not a supporter.


I don’t think that’s true. Liverpool have their “famous European nights”, but their atmosphere isn’t fantastic all the time, I think it can be overplayed somewhat.

Not saying you’re outright wrong, could just be different perceptions.

I think Arsenal get a raw deal in this regard. Not in the sense that it is unfair to describe our atmosphere as shit, because as a season ticket holder for almost two decades I an confirm it very much is, but in the sense that people act like we are an anomoly. Lots of clubs have shit home atmospheres aside from big matches, my Chelsea going mates tell me as much. United’s can be pretty morgue like too.

Teams like Liverpool are better but they’re by no means exempt imo.

I can’t speak to atmospheres in France but in terms of what he’s said about England, I don’t think Laca is far wrong.


Stoke City has incredible decibel levels.

Leicester City fans once recorded on the Richter scale.

Don’t know what Laca’s on about


I don’t think any of the top 5 leagues in Europe have particularly great atmosphere at games if I’m honest, perhaps with the exception of the Bundesliga


Only club that consistently has a great atmosphere is Palace really.


The “famous Anfield atmosphere” chat gets on my bloody nerves. They have times when you can hear a pin drop too! Anfield having a fab atmosphere is just Scouse propaganda!

St James Park was voted as having the best atmosphere in the Premier League. I used to go there quite a bit and would have agreed with that. It was always lively and fans didn’t stop singing. But lately that seems to have been lost, although with the right people running the club they can get that back again.

I find it’s the not so big clubs that have the better atmospheres because they’re the ones with a higher percentage of hardcore fans as opposed to spectators/tourists.

Can totally see where Lacazette is coming from, in regard to the Emirates at least. Fans chatting to each other about mundane stuff while they eat their sandwiches as if they’re having a picnic in the park rather than at a football match, disappearing with 10 minutes still to go “to miss the rush” etc. It’s not like that in all sections, mind, and not all games.


If he talks about our home fans he is right, while our away fans are amazing.




Yeah, the Anfield atmosphere is utter shite in plenty of their less important matches (which is the case for lots of clubs).

The reason they get such a good rep is because when they do get rowdy, their atmosphere is arguably the best of any English club. YNWA being sung before a big European game is something special and it gives me goosebumps even watching on TV.

I’m actually going to Liverpool in November and watching a game at Anfield (think it’s Fulham) so will report back on atmosphere in comparison to Emirates for what will be a minor game.


Lacazette should have changed his words from in England to at the Emirates.


Not really.

Aside from Palace I don’t know one good atmosphere.

Singing you’ll never walk alone twice either end of a game and being silent for the 90 mins between doesn’t count.


Why should he? Atmosphere is terrible throughout the Prem not just here


Yeah it isn’t great at a lot of places but I suppose I’ve only been to the Emirates so it’s a bit naïve for me to judge really, but you do get an idea on TV I suppose. Generally speaking the Emirates sounds a lot quieter than most of the other venues though. Chelsea’s sounds terribly quiet also.


Yep. The Leicester City one was off the scale.

Of the games I’ve been to, Villa Park, Bramall Lane and the Britannia have been the loudest


Upton Park was pretty good the few times I went there, although it turned rather toxic quickly haha


Imagine going from Upton park to the Olympic stadium… Name me a bigger downgrade