Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Did you take this pic with a potato?


Its like half the team want to press but the other half doesnt. What have they been instructed to do?


The drawback to recording the matches and watching them later is that when Arsenal are shitting the bed you just fast forward because of frustration. However in that first half a lot of good moves we made came from Ox’s ability to pick up the ball, dribble past a couple defenders and open the defense up a bit. If we had a few other players remotely like this with those qualities we’d have stood a much better chance in this match. Granted I only watched up until the 50th minute but I think Ox was one of our better players.


Best partnership since Bergkamp and Henry :wink:


Surely ox could afford a pair of socks


You’re clearly not keeping up with the fashion. That’s how all the cool kids dress nowadays :wink:


That picture screams new money.


Socks and loafers? Hells naw. Thats one below socks and sandals.


Agree lol Wearing socks here would look ridiculous


I’m 34 so no. I do know it looks fucking stupid though. :slight_smile:


They don’t look right to me as a couple.


I agree it looks staged like these shitty romance shows and you just know its a publicity stunt…cant shake the feeling at AOC is gay there is just something about him.


Regardless of socks or no socks, why has it become a thing that loathers are deemed ok to wear outside in public? Aren’t they basically glorified slippers? :thinking:


Hipsters became a thing.


With shorts you can get away with it but it stands out when you’re in trousers.

No socks in winter is a bad life decision either way.

I do like how everyone cares about the 0.5% of his body on show though and not the fact that someone’s taken 40% of her dress :smirk:


Or that she’ll be taking 50% of his money. :grinning:


That’s because we’re used to seeing her wearing a lot less


She’s probably richer than him tbh


I don’t know who that is.


Perrie from the girl group ‘little mix’