Alex Iwobi (17)


I know it was against some bums but looks like he is coming back into form a bit.


In American baseball we’d refer to that as a “slump buster”


So are we iwobi IN or OUT ?


Currently IwobIN


Situation changes all the time tbh


Good display yesterday.


For me, at the moment, he is just another Walcott or Oxlade-Chamberlain, players who played like potential stars for a very long time but never really went on to the next level. And he is got to be mindful of that cause under Emery, he definitely won’t get as many chances as Theo got under Wenger. I have a feeling this could be the make or break season for him. If he doesn’t nail down a starting position in this team by the end of the season, Emery might move him on in the summer.


I think with the amount of activity we’re likely to see this summer Emery isn’t likely to move on someone like Iwobi who could still be utilised as more of a squad player, if he’s deemed unworthy of being a starter. Due to wages it could be tricky, but for that very reason I see getting rid of Mkhitaryan as being of higher priority. Who knows what’s happening with Ozil too.

Its all speculation at the moment and it’s hard to predict how Emery and the new new executive structure will feel, but I don’t see Iwobi leaving in the next two windows.


Agree with you about Mkhi and even Ozil and I won’t be surprised if there is a major sale of players this summer. The thing with a player like Iwobi is, he would fetch a decent price while he is still playing for us on a regular basis rather than when he is a squad player. That’s one of the reasons I think he might be moved on. That and Emery being as ruthless as we all hope he will be.


I can’t see Emery being that ruthless, he’s predominantly a Europa League / fight for CL places type manager. I think Iwobi will be at Arsenal for a few seasons to come yet.


My only positive today, thought he was the only one really trying to make something happen. I really do think he’s one of our very few highlights of the season thus far.


He did play well at times today, with the usual lack of composure at the end.

He’s not even close to top 4 starting material but to be fair he’s way down the list of issues that need correcting


I think the problem is we don’t really have a SINGLE top wide player… if Iwobi and AMN are you wide attacking players, that is a problem… If we got a WC player to pair with Iwobi on the other side, that is perhaps acceptable, but Iwobi also isn’t really top 4 material as you point out, and ultimately that is big issue - too many players that really aren’t top 4 quality.

I’d say comfortably Lacazette and Auba are, probably Ozil if he actually played football… after that? Even the oft-praised Torry - nice player who will probably end up being very good and useful, to me is still not at that level.


I agree with you post, but i feel that Torriera will become a very very valuable player and feel he has a lot more to give i feel he will be one of our top players in time. Problem is when he gets there you know what is gonna happen…Barca will come calling.


Yeah that wasn’t really my main point - it was more that we have a squad with a sum total of 3 proper top 4 players, and one of them doesn’t play football any more apparently.


Aha, we don’t have a proper wide player period.

It’s criminal really, when you look at the likes of City, Liverpool and to a lesser extent United, Chelsea and Spurs. They have genuine wide players of sufficient quality.

How you can truly excel in the Premier League without genuine width is beyond me as well as being hubris as far as squad building goes.


Iwobi had an Iwobi game, tried hard, did some nice things, but ultimately lacked the end product and decisiveness in the final 3rd.

Not really his fault though as he shouldn’t be starting as many games as he does for a supposed top club.

I will add I think he was our 2nd best player in the game.


You’re right but he, and a few others that aren’t good enough, will be first team regulars next season.

He isn’t on massive wages and he is already here so why would the board go out of their way to get an upgrade.

He is adequate and cheap, two words which reflect our boards attitude when it comes to player recruitment.




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