Alex Iwobi (17)


But the fact remains he was creating as many if not more chances last season. There’s also been numerous times in the past couple of seasons where he’s depotised for Ozil as CAM and we didn’t miss a beat.


He has been much better and more consistent over this little run. He has not shown this before.


In this mornings metro he said last season the whole team lost belief in themselves so they were trying not to mess up rather than play they game. Also this season there feel rejuvenated and how he is learning a lot from ozil and how he is a very good leader who tells they can do more.


I Am no judge so can I ask those who are

Why or how has Iwobi improved so much in such short time?


Steven Pienaar 4 Alex Iwobi :heart:

Tbf Iwobi is basically Iniesta these days


Sorry Iwobi isn’t good enough at this moment in time
Maybe in 2-3 years time but not now


He did more in 20 min, than Mkhi did since the starting whistle, more direct and at ease technically, always looks to go forward, long may it continue.


Should always start. He is such in good form.


Iwobinho on a madness these days.

Our most improved player by miles.


Probably should have started today( has more going forward than mihki


Had a real coming of age this lad since Emery came. Think the involvement in the world cup played a part too.


Actually Iwobi reminds me of Pienaar.


I think he has worked during the summer in his fitness and took it upon himself to make this season a breakout one.
Lack of assurance of a place under a new manager perhaps would have shunted other players but Iwobi decided to impress Unai and subsequently Unai started going trust in him.

All speculative but he does seem fitter than in previous seasons


Wish he started over the Armenian who I simply don’t rate.



HAS to start over Mkhi for the foreseeable


The problem is, Iwobi is better on the left (and I don’t mean left back like we saw yesterday :laughing: ). So to get the best out of him he’d need to replace Auba or we move Auba to the right.


I’m more than ok with this.

Auba general play has been below average really but he compensates by poaching


Yeah let’s bench our 20+ goals per season striker :grin:


If his general performance are consistently poor from the wing I don’t see why not.

Bring him on as an impact sub against tiring defenders if we need a goal, I don’t think his goal tally will be affected