Alex Iwobi (17)


This is even lamer than your attempts to stalk your ex


Again why are being so hostile?


He didn’t pick him out of nowhere, Iwobi joined Arsenal academy in his primary school years.


They’re just words, don’t be so sensitive.

But to answer, because I think you’re full of shit and I don’t like you.



More semantics


As a moderator, you are not supposed to act like this


As a moderator I’ll do what I like cunt


You are proactively engaging with someone you don’t like and are then losing your cool.
You can do whatever you want but I can tell you are not doing it the right way

More mature thing would be to not engage with me


Stop talking semantics is Trion’s way of saying I was wrong.


or my way of saying Yawn


I’m perfectly cool, I’m just speaking my mind frankly.

Whether I like someone or not, if they’re talking shit and I feel like pointing it out, I will.

Anyway, as a moderator I’ll stop taking the thread off track with petty squabbling.


Backtracking way too early.


So you thought me praising Wenger for giving Iwobi a chance is the moment you need to tell me that you don’t like me.
I see you have your priorities well set.


What is this? petty shit talking?


His new song is fantastic btw hah




How does it go?


  • Great game. He´s bulked up, hasn´t he


Definitely looks bigger in comparison to when he first started notching appearances for us. Uses his body well to shield the ball and hold up against opponents before making a decision.

He certainly looks a lot more focused under Unai. His attacks now look more driven and purposeful. Often making the right decisions in the final third with passes too. That ball to lay Özil up was sumptuous :iwobi: