Alex Iwobi (17)


Was running the show today.
Next in line for MOM after lacazette


I thought about ten minutes in we were going to see a poor performance from him but he really stepped up and had a really great game.

I hope he can keep it up, would happily be wrong about him.


Emery has to be given massive praise from turning Iwobi into a totally different player. He went from someone who the fan’s dreaded seen on a team sheet, to someone the fan’s adore now. He’s built like a tank, and is one of the few players we have that can go by players. He’s been excellent so far this season, keep it up and he be hard to drop from the first team.


I’ll hold my hands up happily too - I was really disappointed when news of the contract extension came out.

However, Emery has really transformed him. Way more dynamic, direct and his general positioning and decision making is so improved.

He seems to have gained some strength too. He was strong before but now, opposition players seem to bounce off him. He shields the ball really well when under physical pressure.

I still don’t think he has an elite ceiling but out of our current wide options, he’s a definite starter right now.


Has anyone else noticed that he seems to be forging a reputation as a filthy megger? Saw two this weekend and a very naughty one against Qarabag in midweek too.

There’s still room for improvement but I’m really enjoying watching him play so far this season, I’m hoping this will be the breakout season I’ve now been expecting/hoping for for a couple of years.


There’s a whole article about Iwobi’s nutmeg here :laughing:

Iwobi is simply a man who loves nutmegs. He sprinkles nutmeg on top of his cappuccino. He mixes it in with the eggs for his omelettes.


Anyone know why it’s called that?


The big problem is that Iwobi seems most comfortable down the left and if you’re going to put Aubameyang on a wing and still get goals from him, its going to be on the left. So its hard to get him, Auba, and Laca into the same team.

We really lack players who can play on the right wing comfortably. Ozil can do it but we don’t get the best out of him there. Mkhi can play there but we can probably do better. This is one reason, among many, that I think Pavon could really help us if brought into the mix over the winter. A player on the right who can beat a man, stretch play, and combine with Bellerin would be a good option to have.


I might have read that article before posting… :speak_no_evil:

Edit: @Gladiator wiki says…

The origins of the word are a point of debate. An early use is in the novel A bad lot by Brian Glanville (1977).[6] According to Alex Leith’s book Over the Moon, Brian - The Language of Football , “nuts refers to the testicles of the player through whose legs the ball has been passed and nutmeg is just a development from this”.[7] The use of the word nutmeg to mean leg, in Cockney rhyming slang, has also been put forward as an explanation.[8]

Another theory was postulated by Peter Seddon in his book, Football Talk - The Language And Folklore Of The World’s Greatest Game .[9] The word, he suggests, arose because of a sharp practice used in nutmegexports between America and England. “Nutmegs were such a valuable commodity that unscrupulous exporters were to pull a fast one by mixing a helping of wooden replicas into the sacks being shipped to England,” writes Seddon. “Being nutmegged soon came to imply stupidity on the part of the duped victim and cleverness on the part of the trickster.” While such a ploy would surely not be able to be employed more than once, Seddon alleges it soon caught on in football, implying that the player whose legs the ball had been played through had been tricked, or, nutmegged


Fuck, I gotta be shut up and disappeared for a while …






My man is becoming a beast of a player




Most improved player under Emery.


Looks so confident and direct, he’s putting fear in the opposition running with the ball now.

He’s always had the general play but he’s adding the other facets to his game to become much more well rounded.

Excellent improvement from him and hopefully it continues.


I was wrong wrong wrong about him. It was all Wengers fault. :heart_eyes:




One point he did two unreal tricks back to back.

What a baller


Backed him since DAY.

Don’t worry people, there are plenty of L’s to go around.