Alex Iwobi (17)


Finally he is being ruthless. The players who don’t give a fuck about us should be demoted to reserves or get sold.


Not ruthless enough. I’d sell him.


If the club want to punish him, just give him a new contract


Surprised a bit about this tbh, thought he looked so well behaved and disciplined, both on the pitch and in interviews.


Me too. Thought he was kinda guy who had his head solely on his career. Guess not.


“Drug party” = “party with several black people in attendance”.

Stupid from Iwobi, but fuck The Sun.


Are we officially giving up on Iwobi then? He’s not been bad for THAT long has he? Although he is getting a bit old now for the whole “young players are highly consistent” defence


Not funny, not funny anymore.


When was he good? :slight_smile:


Start of last season or early on during that campaign he had a purple patch, without ever really being sharp in front of goal. But he was playing well


Well according to a neighbour (according to the Sun report) people were doing laughing gas canisters and they could smell weed. By my standards that doesn’t register as much of a drugs party lol, and the Sun are fucking scum, but I think you’ve made a bit of a leap in saying the Sun have only called it a drug party because black people were there.

If the footballer and guests were white and a neighbour said they could smell weed they’d still call it a drug party, because it makes for a far more sensational headline, and sensationalism is their primary interest.


Fair enough.

Not much of a drug party indeed! The Sun remain peak scum.


Now you do understand his performance on sunday :wenger2:


Can’t believe yous are writing him off based on Sun stories.

Disgraceful tbh.

I hope he starts the next game. Scores then shows a fuck the sun t shirt.

Have some bloody support on your own players ffs. He may be performing shit, and I’ll roast him for that. Not for whatever the fucking sun say. That racist piece of shit rag.

Imagine Liverpool fans slating a player because of something the sun said. So what Iwobi went to a party and did drugs, I don’t blame him with the shit going on here.




That train left OA years ago lol


Sounds like when Giroud was bad a few seasons back, and suddenly we had YAYA SANOGOAL came in and played a bit decent (not even good) football and people started believing he was the savior and good pick by Wenger.

Not saying Iwobi is Yaya, but he is really nothing special, just another player, just average.

The player himself needs to be good enough for people to support.
I did not see Santos got the support a few years back, based on your suggestion.


Jocks like drug parties :wink:


For me iwobi is a good player; good feet plays sensible passes, holds the ball well rarely loses it; my only problem is in front of goal, for a player that high up the pitch he needs to score more.


I wasn’t on the forum back then but I did.

I’d defend Wenger against the Sun because using them as ammo is just too much.