Alex Iwobi (17)


Iwobi’s Snapchat message makes as much sense as his decision making!


Lol for real


It sounds like “mental strength” :wenger2:


Ah, more from Iwobi… front page of The Sun… he’s made it…


Fuck… Arsenal ACE??? ACE???

If this was true, it was better than Giroud sleeping with a mistress the night before game day.


I don’t blame Iwobi must be depressing having Wenger as your manager.


I’ve read numerous times over the years that the team stays in a hotel the night before a match so I’m not sure that story will turn out to be true.

Edit: I’ve read that wrong. It’s friday night/Saturday morning. If so meh. I may be influenced in that thinking because I’m currently reading Ray Parlours autobiography. :grinning:


I think it’s Friday night they are talking about because they refer to him being filmed at 2.37am on Saturday. Saying “the day before” just makes it sounds worse/more dramatic. Full story here:


Now his stupid instagram message makes more sense.


Indeed. His brain has been damaged by all those drugs.


Read that in the summer! Great read. Enjoyed it a lot


Most young players have a rough patch so I stand with Iwobi


Unfortunately there is only one Mertesacker, only one Ramsey and only one Sànchez. Iwobi is brainless like the most of young players…


If you play good football, you can party till 5:00am
If you play bad football, you should train till 5:00am

People said Maradona fuck (real fuck, sex) during half time, and would not affect his performance.

Young players nowadays, only learn the fucking, but forget the footballing part.


Love Iwobi if true.

Fuck the Sun.

Never buy that piece of shit.



Drug party? WTF!?


Yeah, fuck the club rules. Everyone can do what he wants :hipster:


Form shit and partying.

Would send him humbly back to the reserves for a couple of months. Wont be missed.



Should be demoted to reserves for a month. Time for Nelson to step up.