Alex Iwobi (17)


Hahaha yeah I did think that after I wrote the post and regardless of those numbers he’s superior to Theo. I was just asking out of curiosity more so.


He needs a couple of loans to prove himself he can play here.

Is Alli one if the best young players in the world?

Throwing out that turnover ratio stat is just embarrassing.


I really don’t think it is given this contemporary hipster circlejerk over overly-specific statistics that seems to have gripped football.


Iwobi is one of the best promising players around. Truly believe that. People forget he’s stepping up for his country too which is great for his age.


His shooting may be absolute shit but he’s a player that almost always pick the right choice in the final third. I’d rather have that than some hammer-footed idiot like Podolski or a hardworking donkey in Welbeck.


He may not have an end product right now but he is always involved and works well with how our football is supposed to be.

I really want us to groom him.

He won’t be your 90m youngster but he will be a good asset.


What if a Ronaldo and Messi couldn’t score or assist??
Yes, hard working is great… but attacking players have to score or assist.
Getting involved is NOT ENOUGH.

If a shit shooting attacking player is getting that much praise, just because he got involved, actually we can play Coq in that position.
A lot of players work their socks off, but shit in shooting.


Yup, Iwobi can play football at a high level without being a hindrance. Whether end product comes or not I think he’ll always be useful.


Ronaldo would be absolute shit(as he’s been all season) and Messi would still be one of the best player in the world.

The thing with Iwobi is not that he’s a hard worker(though he is) but that the team as a whole plays better when he’s in the field, that’s the point. That he pick the right pass, run to the right place and ensures that the play keep moving.

Sure end product would be nice, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t bring other things to the table.

That’s the difference between Iwobi and player like Podolski. That when the former doesn’t score the he still improves the team, when the latter doesn’t score you may as well be playing with 10 men.


Sell the fucker. Looking up to Walcock? FFS! Get a grip, you tit!


Just different opinion.
I see Iwobi is just another youngster, nothing special, period.

If you say say Ronaldo would be absolute shit if not scoring… Then a lot of star forwards, attacking players would be absolute shit when not scoring, not limited to Podolski.


He helps the creative machine tick, so despite his poor shooting technique; his positives on the ball (and recently off it) put him ahead of many attacking midfield/wide players in the squad who only offer the ability to finish chances. He’s young, energetic, gets himself into good positions and makes a lot of good choices as a growing playmaker. While you can’t ignore his flaws he’s doing well so far.


Lmao :joy: Messi, Alaba, Iwobi, the list just keeps growing of players who sing Walcott’s praises. No worries I’m sure some random pasta boy from Italy knows a lot more than these dumb footballers who play the sport as a profession :grin:


On this ‘logical’ basis Iniesta should never have started for Barce and Roiscky and Wilshere were of no value to us. All including Iwobi are playmakers and playmaking in the final third is an important quality.


First, you compare Iwobi to the great Iniesta???

Second, Jack spent most of his career as CM

You compare Iwobi to the wrong players


Thing is though even as a play maker he’s still lacking.

Yes he does well in terms of general facilitation but no where near enough to be considered a play maker for a top team.

He has time to improve but if he doesn’t add some productivity he’ll be a squad player no more under Wenger and perhaps shipped off altogether by his successor.


Well I think since you were talking about goals and productivity, he still right to compare him to them.

Rather than deflecting point out why he shouldn’t be compared to them in terms of play and goal scoring.


Iniesta is more like a playmaker and set the tempo of the attack. Does Iwobi have this role?? Is Iwobi the person to start the attack, the focal point of attack or just the side kick??
Correct me if I am wrong, Iniesta does not have league leading goals and assists but his numbers are still very decent and contribute significant numbers to his teams.

If you want to count the productivity (goals and assists) of a CM, then yes, Toni Kroos, Sergio Busquets, Javier Mascherano and Di Rossi are all as shit as Iwobi.


Correct me if I am wrong wasn’t it xavi at Barcelona that was the playmaker and dictated play. Iniesta contributed to play and was not the go to guy for goals.

Like iniesta iwobi would receive the ball and move play forward, good passing, quick feet and rarely loses the ball. Like iniesta iwobi is good with like play but doesn’t score much.