Alex Iwobi (17)


It is. Tinie is playing there.

Fucking need footballers wages for how expensive the big clubs are lol.


Love it there tbh. But yeah crazy pricey! When did you go last?


Went last summer. We did decide to just do one of the “big” ones since their fucking expensive. So we picked Space since it was closing. 5 euros for a bottle of water :eyes: nah keep it lol


Guessing you hadn’t taken anything then? :smile: that water is like pretty much a drug on its own if you had


ha no wouldn’t touch drugs ever.


Good! drugs are for mugs


Who needs Thomas Lemar when we have Iwobi?!


Yeh he looked really fucking good today.


He’s being naturally overlooked now as the hype wave breaks over the next big thing Reiss Nelson, but I hope there’s a lot to come from Iwobi this season even if the formation weakens his chances a little bit


But why shouldn’t we go for both?!

Iwobi did look really good today. I’d like to see his end pass to get etter though.


Might have to revert back to 4-2-3-1 to accomodate him with Alexis, Özil and Lacazette.


I’d rate the benefits of three at the back to outweigh the benefit of having Iwobi as a nailed on starter. Nothing wrong with him being one of the first off the bench at this stage of his career. We could do with a creative option on the bench too to switch things up.


3-4-3 deserves to start the season, but I’ve got considerable doubt it will result in any real long term benefit.


You may well be right, I have my doubts (doubts is generous) that any system can mitigate the flaws of Wenger and the squad. But I do think that the 3-4-3 looks like a better option for us that 4-2-3-1 does and for that reason I’d stick with it for the meantime at least. Not averse to changing back in the longer term if it makes sense to do so.


This wont happen. We’ve looked so much better since the switch. Wenger isnt one to chop and change tactics - 343 is here to stay.

Iwobi will still have plenty of game time though. He doesnt need to play every game at the moment, better for him that way IMO.


Agreed. Iwobi looked physically shot at times last season but if he can stay fresh he is going to be a real asset this season.



He’s probably our best player in tight spaces I’d say (apart from Cazlora but…).

The great thing about him is that he’s really hard for defenders and midfielders to deal with because not only is he such a good dribbler in tight spaces and super tricksy, but he’s also got a good pass on him.

If defenders go to him, he can get around them, and if they step off him he can just pass it around them or lob them.

Fantastic depth player and someone to bring on when we need some energy and forward thinking flair. He’ll develop into a real player for us.


Really excited about him, if he can improve his end product he’d be a huge asset for us. Maybe even replace Alexis at some point!


Yeah, like in two weeks time :wenger: