Alberto Moreno

  • Played under Emery at Sevilla, winning a Europa League title
  • Would be free


The Liverpool fans I know routinely slate Moreno. They were absolutely gagging for a LB until Robertson came in last year.

Wouldn’t want him even if he was available for free. We need to upgrade LB, not just replace with players of the same or less ability.

He is bad.

Last thing we need is a defender that can’t defend to save his life.


Big fat NO.

After the fellaini thing I’m less inclined to believe this kind of nonsense.

Yeah, I love a freebie – but not one who is going to urinate all over the carpet!

Liverpool fans offering to drive Moreno here themselves should maybe tell us all we need to know about this one.

Fuck no!

I’m pretty sure @JakeyBoy made this thread just for the :fire::fire: haha

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Would rather keep Monreal for a few more years.

Not sure I want him either. I also get nervous by that intensely dense hairline of his. So thick.


The issue I have with this being a free transfer is that we’d be paying an upfront sum to him and a fairly high wage for an average player. Look at Sead, the guy is on £100K p/w+.

If we’re serious about strengthening that position, I really think we ought to sift through some much sought after younger talent.

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I can usually find the saving grace in just about any transfer but jesus christ this guy is a train wreck.

A sad english troll :xhaka: