Abou Diaby

Now that’s the Diaby I know.

You can never compare his game intelligence and awareness to Vieira, that’s why I never liked those comparisons.

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I did a lot of research today (one of my phases of reminiscing the good old times of Arsenal)

Dan Smith in an interview dated 2015, claims it was unintentional, utter bullshit. He plays semi pro football in Australia and as a side business sells CCTV, security stuff. Says, Wenger not forgiving him and decline in his football career/as well as being remembered as the guy who ruined Diaby’s career haunts him even today (good for him!)

I’ve been trying to reach out to Diaby’s team as Diaby has done a lot of volunteer work for religious communities in London, he’s ever so humble, down to earth and a kind soul. However, he’s completely ghosted from his socials in recent years, hopefully he’s doing well. He deserved a lot more.

Him and Ben Arfa (from the same group) were destined for great things. Sigh.

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Ferguson also thought Moyes would be a great successor to him…
Just sayin… :santi: