Aaron Ramsey (8)


Absolute fuck up to not flog him in the summer. But I do agree with not giving him a huge contract given the lack of quality he’s given us.


cant complain about him not being sold in the summer. Im just glad KING UNAI EMERY has realised how shit this guy is. COYG


I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Now that Wenger is gone, it somewhat feels good to continue the process of breaking away from players somewhat associated with him. The only question is, why did we not try sort this out before the season if club have decided already into September to move on from Ramsey?

Anyways, he’s had many highs and lows during his decade with us. From the broken leg at Stoke, to scoring the winning goal that ended our 9 year trophy drought. Not the most charisimatic of guys, but when things clicked together he could be very effective. That 13/14 season the guy was on sensational form. Shame he never quite found that level again, but he did have his moments.

Under the new start of Emery and the rebuild going on, it does feel the right time for both Aaron and Arsenal to part ways and move on. Best of luck to him and hope he can finish his time here on a decent note.


No one will buy him.

Wages hes after means he will go on a free.


Maybe we can do another January swapsies. I just hope we don’t replace him with anyone ugly. With Giroud gone, and Ramsey on his way out, we’re rapidly falling down the sexy scale.


Who would you recommend we bring in to replace Rambo who is good looking and can actually play Football, Miss Jade? :giroud:


Given his service and given that he’s highly likely to go abroad and not to one of our rivals, its very hard to grudge him going now.

If I were a professional footballer, no matter how much I loved Arsenal, the temptation to go and experience playing in another country, especially while still a player with the quality Ramsey has, would be pretty overwhelming. He’s been wonderful for us, and after everything he’s been with us for I think he has to go down as a club legend. For me that goal to win the 2014 FA Cup and end that 9 year drought is right up there with my favourite ever Arsenal moments.


I do hope that he goes abroad. It means I can wish him well for the future and be happy for him as well as for us.

I think it’s time to part company, but for all his flaws I like him and he scored the winner in two motherfucking FA Cup Finals. I was at each one and I love the FA Cup, so I’ve always got to be be grateful to him for that. The fact of the matter is that someone who wins us two FA Cups deserves their place in our history. Sure, it’s not a league title, but for a club our size we’ve won fuck all in Europe. The FA Cup still provides some of the great moments in Arsenal’s history.

So I really would like to wish be able to wish him well.


That goal against Galatasaray is still absolutely incredible to watch.

And of course not forgetting his most important for the club

Ah the goosebumps, the feels that goal still gives :giroud2:


Crazy thing about Ramsey was that if he played consistently like he did in the 2013 season or whatever it was, it would be like Messi, Ronaldo, Ramsey as the best players in the world. But he’s not consistent derp.


we are probably gonna get pavon soon if rumours are to be believed he is a serious interest and is someone we can get…see if you like him :henry2:


Crazy thing about Ramsey is that his first touch is Lukakuesque and he has the speed of a Lee Cattermole on heroin.


Guardian - “Ramsey was seeking a large pay rise, his demands influenced by how Mesut Özil had secured a new £350,000-a-week deal. There have been rumours at the club that Ramsey has been the subject of a huge offer from China.”

China save us !


Fair points and good posts @JakeyBoy @Leper and I agree.

I hope he does go to Juve or something now, and get some easy titles for the rest of his career.


Curious what people think here given the valuation of players these days, shall we try get the money or try to get a swap for another player?


6 months to go… only see it being swap for massive wantaway or cutdown price. Would be thrilled with 15+ million at this point, but reckon its less.


He isn’t he’ll make more money from United/Chelsea/City/Liverpool as their homegrown player than he would abroad


Will be very glad to see the back of this one season wonder.

I’m not interested in the odd good game he had for us. He has been utter dog shit/distinctly average far more than he has been good for us.

Getting rid of him is a huge step in the right direction.


I can see Ramsey and his team potentially pleading with Arsenal to reinstate the offer of the improved contract (without going as high as 250k per week) when they find out he can’t command as much in wages from another club. If Emery (so weird- my dictionary wants me to autocorrect Emery to Wenger :confused:) doesn’t have Banega et al lined up as replacements, Ramsey may well be our bumper new January signing, just like Ozil was last season


Please not Banega. Not that I think he is terrible as such, but his age is a concern. I’d rather give Ramsey a new contract if the alternative is signing an average player who is already in their 30s!